Nov 26, 2007
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    Production Assistant
    Bowling, Inline Skating, Music, Working on VW's
    Cindy Margolis, Music, The Oakland Raiders, Bowling (especially at the PBA level), Volkswagens, MiniDisc and its related technologies
    Headphone Inventory:
    MDR-EX90SL (JE)(4), MDR-NC50, MDR-NC60 (2) MDR-V700DJ, (several), MDR-NC60 (JE) (All Sony),
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    CTA Digital LinkPlus SRS-88, Boostaroo Revolution, FiiO E5 (silver,. 4 of them)
    Power-Related Components:
    Kenwood KDC-X997 (2, one in each vehicle), Memphis M Series 4 channel amp, Memphis M Series subwoofer amp.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Sony MZ-1 (2), Sony MZ-RH1 Black , Sony MZ-NH700 Silver (3, all from Canada) Zoom PS-02 (1), iPod classic 7th generation (160GB/black), iPod nano 6th generation (16GB, silver, 2) iPod touch 5th generation (64GB, black), iPod touch nano 5th generation (one in black and one in orange, both 16GB)
    Music Preferences:
    Metal, Thrash, Hardcore, Classic Rock, Rap/Gangsta/Hip-Hop, Classic/Smooth Jazz, Light Pop (not any of that corporate top-40 auto-tuned girly pop garbage like what they play on KIIS-FM/KISS-FM)


    Ray Jackson
    HEAVY METAL WARRIOR, LTD.  Where the fans come FIRST!!!   MySpace Music:  Facebook:
    Soundcloud:  BIGHMW TV on YouTube:
    Twitter: (I'm listed on twitter @bighmw, use the #bighmw)
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