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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. LeMat
    Would anyone knows whether it would be worth using a USB>Coax converter/reclocker like a Singxer F1 or SU1 with the TT2? In other words, how good is the USB input? And yes, using an RCA to BNC cable :)
  2. ToTo Man
    Can someone please clarify for me HTT2's maximum RMS voltage outputs via the single-ended and balanced outputs (in high gain mode)?
  3. jarnopp
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  4. ToTo Man
  5. jarnopp
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  6. Deftone
    I asked Rob a little while ago how much power TT2 put in to 150ohms, might be helpful to post it here as well.

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  7. Rob Watts
    Yes the negative OP uses exactly the same design of OP stage for the positive or SE outputs.
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  8. rkt31
    Asking as potential future user of tt2, has anybody used XLR to XLR connection between tt2 and amp ?
  9. alxw0w
    Since not many people are in hugo tt topic I'm posting my question here.
    Question for people who had connected Hugo tt (1st one) directly to speakers.
    How to do that ?
    Using xlr outputs on the back, rca or headphone front sockets ?
    If xlr how I'm supposed to do the pins I mean ground etc ? I don't want to destroy my Hugo
  10. plinth
    Yes, that is how I connect my TT2, MScaler and Etude. It is also how I connect the TT2/MScaler to my KGSSHV Carbon Electrostatic driver for my Stax Headphones.
  11. Triode User
    I also use XLR from my TT2 to Pass Labs amps and ATC active speakers (separately and at different times!).
  12. betula
    How many TT2s do you think Chord has sold so far?

    The demand is obviously high which is quite interesting at a £4000 product.

    Even quite a number of UK retailers are waiting for new units.

    Luckily I have found one who had a black TT2 on stock and I bought it! :)

    Soon I am off for 2 weeks holiday but when I am back my new TT2 will be waiting for me.

    The best sound I have heard so far was TT2 with Empyrean for me. I think I am reaching my endgame here (and the bottom of my wallet). Audio nirvana is just around the corner. I am definitely settled for a good amount of years to come. :)
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  13. George Hincapie
    What is your source?
  14. betula
    PC - USB - FLAC (or higher res) - Foobar currently. (Into Qutest and Taurus MKII)
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  15. Amberlamps
    I'm thinking about buying the empy's, as the case is beautiful.
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