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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. Drewligarchy
    Abyss TCs and the elite is a match made in heaven with the Wa33. They are my only headphone that can fully capture the increased depth the mScaler provides. I thought that nothing could beat my Stax 009. They did and it’s not close.

    They do take some getting used to with the fit. Once you do, it’s hard to go back to other headphones. It’s a completely different experience. I’d recommend the cable company for an extended in home demo. Peter specifically is the best dealer I’ve ever worked with.
  2. musickid
    How comfortable is the Abyss at 640 grams?
  3. musickid
    The 2am to 6am listening phenomena is currently active. Electric Libertango By Astor Piazzolla. Low power draw on grid makes new tango sound good.

    With Oppo PM1 headphone (with silver artisan “silver dream 2” pure silver headphone cable). Imac roon late 2013 512gb ssd optical to mscaler.

    Remember if the original recording is a touch bright then the mscaler will reproduce the album exactly as recorded. It won't artificially compensate to improve the sound in the manner by which the listener may prefer. Not the studio sound but the analogue recorded sound. If the recording is stellar then hms will reproduce an exact same stellar sound to the joy of the listener. This accounts for alot of the added RFI and brightness reports IMHO. Listening to Maxi Priest same named album on roon through tt2/hms sounds identical to when i use to listen to it at age 13 through a tandy realistic double tape deck back in 1987/88. Dynamic range is important here.

    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  4. nomad777
    Nordost gives discounts for present owners. Also as I've said in other forums if you know how to bargain you can get a discount ... don't expect much though as a first time buyer...
  5. nomad777
    I"m sure they are good. Have not heard anything bad about them in respect to sound. I have demoed them however when I demoed them when had a comparison with a number of headphones and not just me. I did like them especially on jazz music it had a very detailed laid back sound which I liked. However for bass and detail we preferred the he1000's over the Abyss. That doesn't mean I'm not going to get the Abyss because it does add a different sound signature. Do I think they are worth the asking price of 5000 US no... but I don't think any of the high priced headphones are worth that much.
  6. STR-1
    I want to buy at least one more Poweradd Pilot Pro 2 but difficult to find in the UK. Any suggestions?
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  7. miketlse
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  8. STR-1
  9. dmance
    The extreme restrictions on air shipping lithium cells means it's impossible to purchase from another Amazon. It's okay to fly with PP2 as personal items in cabin ...but not in checked luggage or air freight.
    If it's just 12v you are after, there are several other options in the UK. Perhaps not as conveniently sized or packaged as PP2 though.
  10. STR-1
    Thanks. I have just followed up on the @miketlse lead and ordered one from Germany.

    I keeping hoping to hear of an even better multi-voltage battery pack option, but I guess the audiophile market is just too small for anyone to see a business case for developing a low-cost audio-grade pack with better regulation and other audio-relevant improvements.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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  11. Drewligarchy
    Can you buy from the Amazon US site? I’ve purchased things from the Amazon UK site.

    Edit: Ignore per Dan
  12. Drewligarchy
    As I hear an improvement with mScaler over the stock SMPS with battery, and I think others have as well, I think Chord should offer an upgraded power supply as an upgrade option. I understand the official warranty stance regarding aftermarketed PSUs, but if there are improvements to be had, and this is an end game front end - surely Chord could either an endorse a specific supply or provide their own. I’m sure a lot of people would buy it. The Current supply is fine stock, just an as an upgrade.
  13. nomad777
    Agree but that would mean more research and to be frank they don't sponsor the battery option either so if something happens while you use the battery that's not covered either. It shouldn't as long as you stay within the right voltages. To verify if he answers you can always contact Rob Watts on here

    Plus to be frank i dont want to use a stupid battery just so it sounds better what a hassel having to charge it all the time worrying about power etc.. i have my psu plugged into my ps audio regenerator so noise from the source is not an issue i feel bad for anyone using it straight from a socket.

    Also those units have issues of their own. I've read up on them. Faulty crap out over a year dead on arrival only work for 3 months etc.. A audiophile psu from the start would have been good but i think it would increase cost and it would have taken longer to get to market. But for what its worth even with stock my unit sounds better than the Blu2 i used to own.

    Wonder if you can keep the battery plugged in all the time either way another hassel chord that's pathetic.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  14. Drewligarchy
    I don’t have any comfort issues with the abyss. Admittedly, I avoided them for a while because they look very uncomfortable.

    They are not intended to clamp at all - so you get no pressure on the sides of your head. All the weight is on the top of your head.

    At first I would get minor hot spots in the top of my head, but as soon as the headband broke in, I have no comfort issues at all. Others have done mods to make them more comfortable. I haven’t needed that at all.

    Even when comfort was an issue, they are so head and shoulders above everything else I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot), I dealt with it. Now, as I don’t have any comfort issues, I am seriously considering selling my Stax and LCD4s and just building a system around them.
  15. nomad777
    I just thought I'd say this again.. so those of you on here that have the HMS realize how good you have it. Having owned both the MK blu2 and HMS I can say with clarity that the HMS sounds better. In all respects detail, musicality, highs, lows, mids its just better and I speak from having had the blu2 for approx. 3 years ; I bought it fairly close to when it came out. Even with the stock psu. So you are getting what others paid 10-13K for... just remember that when you decide to whine ....
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