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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. llamaluv
    It may be because it's hard to parse what's going on in that potato pic. :potato:

    Also, is that a Maze power cable, and if so, how do you like it?
  2. N Quarter
    Maybe it’s just me, but it is hard for me to tell what I am even looking at here, can you zoom out a bit?
  3. nomad777
    to the left woo audio wa33 headphone amp elite version (there's a thread on this site dedicated just to this amp) on top dave chord of the stand/ in front of the mscaler music servers CX/EX antipodes and innuos mk2 zenith (not using it anymore) right now I'm tied up so can't get a better pict out but will later...

    I'm not that concerned about what's in front of the mscaler (at all) only the torrodial wa33...

    power cable is less loss (amazing power cord) but I have much fancier ones going into the music servers... I can provide a fancier pict to satisfy curiosity later.... but really want thoughts on distance from amp to HMS
  4. Drewligarchy
    I think it's less than ideal but ultimately it's based on the cables and if you hear an effect.

    Question for you - how is thw Wa33 with mDave? What headphones are you using?

    And for what it's worth I have a KGSSHV Carbon a shelf right under my M Scaler and can't hear any type of difference through the amp or through anything else when the amp is on.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  5. Drewligarchy
    One additional question - and maybe this is paranoia.

    Is there any chance of an overvoltage failure? I'm outputting 12V from the PP2 battery, but the PP2 battery charges with an 18v SMPS. If the PP2 is charging while the DC output (at 12 volts) is plugged into the M Scaler, could it theoretically cause problems?
  6. Triode User
    I have just done some rudimentary checks. My PP2 battery outputs 12.5v on its 12v setting. When charging and outputting at the same same it still outputs the same 12.5v (ie unchanged even though the charger is charging at 20volts)

    Out of interest, on the 16v output setting my PP2 battery outputs 16.8v and so that is why you should never contemplate connecting it to the Mscaler at the 16v setting despite the Mscaler voltage range being 9v to 16v!
  7. Ards
    Am experimenting with some new kit and am testing feeding optical direct from the MScaler. Problem is I can only get the MScaler to output in bypass (RED). The manual says it should/can upscale up to 192kHz, but I cannot get this to work. Tried connecting to the TT2 via optical and, again, only get sound on bypass. Am I missing something?
  8. Triode User
    I have just tried the Optical output from the Mscaler and it outputs a rock solid 192 kHz for me. I'm not quite sure what we might be doing different to each other but it works fine with me.
    Ards likes this.
  9. Ards
    Thanks. Did you have any other cables connected, or was it just the optical? Am wondering whether having other output cables connected might "confuse" things. Will test this myself later.

    Have already tried different optical cables to rule that variable out.
  10. Triode User
    I was connecting Mscaler via optical to my Dave. I had the dual BNC also plugged in at the same time.

    I have just tried again without the dual BNC plugged in and the same result ie 192 rock solid connection between the Mscaler optical output and Dave optical input. This was using the BNC input to Mscaler with a 48k signal from a DAB tuner. I was just using a 'cheap and cheerful' optical cable.
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  11. nomad777
    Cables are not going to be an issue 100% on that. When I had the blu2 I ran it in this same configuration. No issues.

    WA33 is amazing. It enhances any headphone you put on it. I have the elite so it is significantly better than the regular. However if you never experienced the elite you would think the regular one is also awesome.

    I mainly use the Hifiman1000's and the hd800's on the amp. I also have the focal utopia's and clear's. I use them now and again on the amp but they are very easy to drive so I can go straight from Dave.

    The best sound is from the he1000's. Spectacular in every way. Beating out all the other headphones.
  12. Drewligarchy
    Thank Nick!
    Triode User likes this.
  13. Drewligarchy
    I heard the elite at canjam with an abyss (though using a lesser front end) - and it’s what got me to buy the abyss. I demoed the Formula S first, and while it’s a relative newcomer - it really is magical with ethe abyss and like 10k less than the elite (with its separate power supply). I know the wa33 base isn’t that much more expensive - but I wouldn’t have been happy without the elite. I probably should have skipped steps regardless and just got it - because I feel like I eventually will.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  14. nomad777
    Not familiar with Formula S. Well I hear you on the Elite very pricey.
    The Abyss TC's are next on my hit list. But I'm not in a rush I have plenty of headphones and I have listened to them already.
    It does have a smooth sound signature but I still think it will be hard pressed to beat out the hifi1000's

    There are other decent amps out there and I listened to Donald North's before I bought.
    His is very quiet very low noise floor if at all and cheaper than the wa33.
    However I went wa33 because of the power 10w per channel is huge for headphones but that means no matter what
    you throw at it, it will drive any headphone.
    It takes a while to tweak but once done its amazing. Sometimes I forget that its a tube amp with all the
    detail that comes out of it. Overkill for easy to drive headphones like the Utopias and
    if you want those to work nicely on this amp you will need to change tubes to eliminate noise.
    Stock is fine for planars or hd800's etc..
  15. musickid
    2m pair - £26,650.00 for nordost odin cables. Looking good for 2020 like i'm in now..........:thinking::thinking:.....time for some Dolly P...or ummm....:thinking:
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
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