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Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Jun 2, 2016.
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  1. Energy
    Agreed with @bflat . Even when using the SU-1 or ISO REGEN, I can't hear these improvements from other headphones unless I were to use the Utopia.
    Some people might need a pair of headphones good enough to reveal the quality of their upstream components.
  2. lukeap69
    That's a good news. There's no need to spend more. :L3000:
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  3. doraymon
    I need your help to clarify something about the output voltage of my Spring L3.
    As you can see in the picture below, the MAXIMUM balanced output voltage should be 5V rms (PCM).
    Is this valid for each of the two channels? Or each channel has 2.5V for a total of 5V?

    Also, I am confused by the fact that in the specs for PCM they mention only 48k NOS, what about the other frequencies?
    For DSD the maximum balanced output voltage is half, I guess this depends on the SPring's architecture?

    (Just to put this in context, I am asking this because my amp has an attenuator switch to handle high voltage inputs from the DAC, which seems to be the case of the Spring.
    I sought advice from the amp manufacturer to decide wether switching the attenuator on or off and they asked me this question on the MAX output voltage of my DAC.)

    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  4. jcn3
    i think you got the answer from your post (exactly the same question) over at ca . . . .
  5. bflat
    Manufacturers typically state specs to a single set of parameters. Most likely they used a 48K sampling rate, 1 KHz signal to measure THD. I don't know of any manufacturer that publishes measurements at every single sampling and bit rate for every frequency between 20 Hz to 20 Khz. That would be a 3 dimensional graph.

    As for the DSD number, DSD output is generally 4 dB less than PCM by design. 3 dB represents a doubling of output power so that is why you see only half the voltage swing. That's not to say it is half volume. It takes about 10 dB to achieve a perceived doubling of sound volume.
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  6. doraymon
    No I didn't.
    Maybe my question was not clear but the only answer I got was a repetition of the specs I already read.
    And yes, it was the same exact question, I hope this didn't bother anyone...
  7. doraymon
    Thanks a lot for the explanation and it makes sense!
    I eventually received the answer from Tim and the 5V RMS for balanced is the total voltage measured on the left or right channel and they result from the sum of 2.5V on each of the two "lines" carrying the same signal in opposite phase.
    I'd say everything makes sense now thanks.
  8. jjk43
    Does anybody know whether KitsuneHiFi will accept a Holo return if I don't like the machine?
    The website is a bit unclear about this.
    Thanks very much.
  9. thyname
    Ask Tim at KTE
  10. thyname
    If someone in DC area is in need for a Holo Spring KTE , let me know
  11. joseph69
    If you don't mind me asking, what DAC are you switching to?
  12. thyname
    Not sure yet. This is not just switching the DAC, but completely changing the setup from a "spaghetti" setup to an all in device (streamer / DAC / Preamp). Several options here, such as Ayre QX-5 Twenty or PS Audio Directstream w/ Bridge II
  13. joseph69
    I see, totally different.
    I't nice to go in a different direction after having something you get too used to sometimes.
    Good luck and enjoy.
  14. oneguy
    I just bought a black Yggy to compare against my KTE. I can’t afford to keep both so either the KTE will go up for sale after this comparison or the Yggy wil be returned to Schiit. More to follow in about 10 days after arrival and the recommended Yggy warm up time.
  15. bflat
    I predict KTE will be the winner!
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