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Hip-Hop/Indie Rock | Suggest Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by thepmac, Jun 27, 2011.
  1. thepmac
    I listen mainly to hip-hop and indie rock.
    Could anyone suggest to me some headphones that will work well without an amplifier for (ideally) less than $100.  Over $100 is fine as well if it's a pair of headphones that you really feel should be mentioned.  I'm willing to look at anything anyone posts.
    If there are any questions I should answer in order to help you suggest headphones let me know!
    Thanks bunches!
  2. WhiteLabel
    Audio Technicas ATH M50s are great all rounders for around 100
  3. ZARIM
    Samson SR850, Poineer on ear, JVC on ear(NC).
  4. jreme
    PLEASE PLEASE disregard ALL previous rec's sans the M50s.
    The Senn HD428s are supposed to be good. Also the Grado SR60i are pretty much universally loved here.
  5. stefuhno
    i listen to a lot of hip hop and EDM. the headphones I have are the shure srh440s. im no expert, but do some research on them and see if theyre what you are looking for. price is 70-100$
  6. erod
    The Denon AH-D1100 are above your budget but would suit your musical preferences very well.
    Great bass, instrument separation and soundstage.
    Bass heavy genres and rock in general sound excellent.
    They are also very comfortable. They are considered portable even though they are "around the ear".
    They are worth checking out. I suggest you try to listen to them in a store with your music.You should do that with all candidates, if possible.
  7. RMac
    What do you like more, indie or hip-hop?  Anyway, I can only offer a suggestion from what I've heard, and the Grado SR-80 served me faithfully for a while.  Certainly a "rock" headphone though, but I'd often switch from indie rock to hip-hop with the Grados and while I wasn't necessarily satisfied with the bass while listening to hip-hop, it wasn't terrible either.  (I'm also not a basshead though)

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