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High end (IEM) cable thread: impressions, pics, comparisons and reviews.

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  1. Wyville
    I still have the R1, but showing you how the ear guides fit around my ears would be a bit misleading. Sezai explained that they are normally made to fit exactly around the customer's ears (ie. a type of custom fit) and the R1 I have is a demo unit where the ear guides stick up way too much. That would not give a good impression of what the fit would be like.

    The image below should give an idea of what the ear guides look like. It is quite a thick heat shrink and very stiff so that it can be shaped to a curve matching the customer's ears. I will be honest and say that I personally do not like it at all, even if the fit were perfect. But then again, I don't like things such as memory wire either. Friends of mine don't seem to have any issues with it (one even happily uses the R4 and R5 for portable), so it will depend on your personal tolerance to the stiffness and whether or not you wear glasses.

    The sound is incredibly good and I would love to have a cable like this one day, but for me personally that would require a different solution. So it really depends. It might or might not work for you. Sorry I can't be any clearer than this.

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  2. Number9redreD
    Thank you for the quick reply. I realise that, as @pithyginger63 said, my mileage will vary. The likelihood is ill just buy them and hope it turns out well.

    Id also like to ask, in the case where taking them portable wont work, is there anything else you could suggest that has similar characteristics whilst also being either in the same price bracket or lower (preferably lower). Im currently using the Phantoms and U18's if that helps:darthsmile:


  3. Wyville
    Certainly YMMV, as I am really quite sensitive to anything like memory wire or other stiffness in the loop around the ears. But like I said, other people have had far fewer problems. Also, I just learned that SilverFi are looking into different parts, so you can always contact them to see what the latest options are.

    In terms of sound it is a little tricky, as I think the R1 is probably the most natural sounding cable I have used with my Phantom. Closest I have heard is the Effect Audio Leonidas II, but there are some slight differences. Leo II seems to lean a little bit more towards the technical and has more clarity with more sparkly treble, whereas the R1 has a wider stage, a hint more natural tone and smoother treble. For my personal preferences it is extremely close between these two so far (although I have been listening more to Leo II, as that is my next review). In terms of portability it is obvious that the 4-wire Leo II is much more suitable, as the ergonomics are incredibly good.

    Another option (which I have not heard myself) that might be interesting is the PlusSound Tri-Silver, which you can have in different variations from 2-wire to 8-wire. @twister6 recently reviewed the 4-wire Exo and has used both that one and Leo II with the U18 (which I have sadly not heard either).
    Exo Tri-Silver
    Leonidas II
  4. ctaxxxx
    EDIT: Disregard. Question answered in the other thread.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  5. PinkyPowers
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  6. pithyginger63
    For better or for worse, what's the most transparent cable out there right now? preferable limited to 4 wires
  7. Deezel177
    My money's on the Janus D. The Leonidas II is a tad more coloured, but it fits the 4-wire brief.
  8. aaf evo
    I find the 1950s to be more transparent than the JD but I haven’t heard the Leo 2 yet
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  9. Kerouac
    Well, according to Tw6's Janus D review, the Horus is (also) more transparent :thinking:

    ''Janus D vs Horus: Horus makes the sound leaner and more transparent, Janus D gives the sound more rumble in sub-bass and a little more body in mids. Also, I’m hearing more air between the sound layers with Horus in comparison to Janus D where I also find a great layering but the sound is a little thicker due to that extra body in mids. Furthermore, Horus has a slightly wider soundstage, while both have a similar soundstage depth.''

    I haven't heard the Janus D (and the above mentioned 1950's) myself, but the Horus is certainly the most transparent and revealing cable that I've come across (incl. my 1960's) so far.
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  10. aaf evo
    From what I remember when I demo’d the 1960s was that the 1950s was a slightly more transparent cable. I haven’t heard the Horus though.
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  11. Wyville
    I would lean towards Horus as well. Leo II is bloody transparent, but not at the level of Horus. Much like Daniel said, Leo II has a bit more colour (which I like... I like a lot :D ).
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  12. Deezel177
    In terms of detail: Yes. But, the 1950s is too v-shaped and dynamically-oriented for me to call it transparent.

    Similarly, the Horus is too bright and dry in the midrange for me to call it transparent. Then again, I don't know whether y'all are talking about detail-led transparency, tonal transparency or a mixture of both.
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  13. Kerouac

    I would probably place my bet on a mixture of both :grin:

    Btw, I listened mainly with Phantom + Horus out of the LPG, which was the closest thing to synergy perfection (based on my personal taste) since I entered this crazy hobby.
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  14. twister6 Contributor
    Mine reference was about tonal transparency, less coloring in a relative comparison to Janus D, but it also has to do with a pair up, of course :)
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  15. Wyville
    I try to be consistent with this, but still find it quite difficult to pin down exactly. What I generally see as 'transparency' is connected to a lack of veil and the completeness of the notes. So while I did find Horus a touch too bright and dry (with my Phantom), I do remember it to be exceptionally clear (ie. lack of veil). But I still need to get more experience under my belt to be more consistent in these things. This reviewing stuff is quite hard work, you know! :wink:
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