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Hifiman HE6-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. alpovs
    Any recommendations on a cable for these? I'd prefer silver or silver coated copper.
  2. Oregonian
    And my question after seeing these incredible prices.....................will they support the drivers going forward? I sold my HE-6 a couple of years ago due to fear they would not replace drivers in the future.
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  3. GU1DO
  4. bagwell359
    Got a whole 12 hours of burn-in on them. Unless the sub bass fills in later, these are not like the HE-6. Go down about 1.5 db in the low-mid 40's, drop another 2 db in the low 30's, then it seems to flatten out to 20 Hz. Bass is clean, damped, but not once did I get a transient or note in the bass that made me close my eyes, like the original.

    They are quite good in the highs, maybe great. They are less sibilant, easier to take, but perhaps less revealing. Smoother and more homogenized overall.

    For the price I'm happy, have no doubt, but if I wanted a HE-6 knock-off and paid $1800, I'd be somewhat vexed,
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  5. alpovs
    Adorama's stock is down to 279 in one day. People started buying them.
  6. alpovs
    But what are the complains about the cable that came with the HE6-SE? It looks like this one sold by HIFIMAN: http://store.hifiman.com/index.php/...lver-xlr-4-pin-balanced-cable-for-he1000.html
    They want $400 for it! Did anybody measure its resistance?

    How is your cable better? Also copper...
  7. NZtechfreak
    Wow, stunning deal. For a moment I seriously considered getting one alongside the OG HE-6 I currently have. Only for a moment though, halfway saved for an Abyss TC, can't derail that right now. If you don't already have an HE-6 this is a massive bargain given how competitive it still remains (providing amplification bar is met of course).
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
  8. nahpungnome
    How do you see their stock?
  9. nahpungnome
  10. nahpungnome
    This is the second set of SE headphones I've owned (HE560se was my first), but people that have owned the originals of both headphones say they sound better. The thing in common with the SEs in this case is the headband. I noticed that when I had my 560se that if i kind of spread the band apart while I had them on, the bass improved SIGNIFICANTLY. I'm wondering if these new bands are causing a difference in pressure and that's causing some of the sound differences. I just tried the same thing on my HE6se with a 20hz test tone and the bass definitely increases.

    I've not heard either of the originals so in my case, ignorance is bliss. I found the 560se pretty great at $299. These at < $1000 are excellent....aside from the build of course :)
  11. alpovs
    Add some large number to cart. If it's close it will correct the number to the maximum available.
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  12. jokostyle
    I wondered me the same question, thanks for the tip.
  13. bagwell359
    Interesting idea, will try, thanks.
  14. bagwell359
    ...more. MrSpeakers Ether Angled better than stock pad (which is glued down).

    * Bass goes flat to under 30 Hz now, after a drop of 2 db or so (high 20's ?) it stays flat to 20 Hz.
    * Treble softer (sounds like: odd order harmonics cut a bit and by extension even ordered ones more dominant). I.E. treble sweeter with more detectable decay.
    * Now slightly more emphasis in mids.
    * Stage deeper. Highlighted instruments pop out a bit more
    * Soundstage now somewhat concentrated into L and R with middle a bit de emphasized. Don't worry, the HE-500 with those pads did the same thing with the rear screen on.

    New HE6SE - more civilized, less spiky, V shape of the HE6 flattened for the most part.

    Going to mod these: cable, rear screen, fuzzor (move away from felt and go to open cell poly for neatness), sorb/dynamat - over time.

    Like to get those "spiral/nautilus" style rear screens - over my ugly 1/2" ground cloth screens.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019
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  15. jaker782
    Great impressions! So... the million dollar question is how would you say the 6se (modded or stock) compares to your beloved heavily modded HE-500? My thought is that the 6se takes on a slight v-shape in comparison due to the more extended highs and lows. Highs are detailed and relatively smooth, but being a treble sensitive person, I kind of wish they were toned down a tad. Bass to me is a clear improvement over the HE-500. So, is the 6se worth twice the price of a used 500?

    Finally, what amp pairing are you using? I know this has been a controversial topic with these. Do you feel 2W into 50 ohms does it, or is 5-6W+ required to really get the most out of these? Interested in your thoughts on this topic as many feel you need a megabuck amp to really make these sing!
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