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Hifiman HE6-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. nahpungnome
    HE6se does indeed sound excellent. I'm using a Emotiva A100 with self made banana plug cable.


    Obviously did a grill mod. It makes it sound less claustrophobic. The song that I immediately noticed a difference Hotel California on the Hell Freeze Over CD. The beginning where the percussive wood block (sorry if I didn't get the instrument right), it went from inside my ear to a good 2 to 3 inches outside my ear.

    As far as bass impact or whatever, I never really understood when people say it's "visceral" or whatnot. The bass is great though. And as far as imaging, well, to be honest, I hate headphones :) They're a necessary evil to me, even my Yamaha soundbar sounds better as far as imaging and sound stage when listening to the same tracks than any of my headphones, HE6se included. I can never get any depth to anything, only left, inside, and right no matter which headphones I listen to.

    Still, I'm absolutely thrilled that I was able to get these for the sale price, they're definitely worth it.
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  2. GU1DO
    I really enjoy my HE6se when modded ,,
    before mod the bass is light and mids are not that great and it sound very bright
    first i did remove the inner cover from the grills ,,
    changed to focus pads for better comfort -- Edit ( sorry i am using FocusPad A , not the FocusPad )
    and i did use foam rings inside the cups (AKG K712 foam)
    + i dont use stock cable (that cable is pure $hit)

    Last edited: Nov 2, 2019
  3. GU1DO
    Where i can get custom grills ?
  4. nahpungnome
    I did a search on ebay.
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  5. SilverEars
    Although I didn't take the grill off with HE-6, I tried grill-off with HE-500. I didn't like the result, and ended up sounding really odd in decay characteristic, and best I can characterize is 'shouty?' I think the grill serves a purpose in containing the sound for proper imaging. With grill off, it sounds like sound is all over the place, not focused. I'm also into iems, and I get similar result as grill-off when the bore opening size of the iem tips are super large, sounding like sounds are all over the place, imaging not focused. Iem tips have a sweet spot in terms of bore size opening diameter to sound proper in terms of imaging.

    The best part of HE-6 for me is imaging and decay characteristic when driven well, and grill-off is not for me.

    I also heard a modded HE-500, and this one had grill-off, but it sounded good. So, I guess depends on configuration?
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
  6. nahpungnome
    That's an interesting mod. Does the cloth on the grill come off easily?
  7. nahpungnome
    The great thing about these is that it's easy to take off the grill and see if you like it or not. I like it better because it widens the stage a bit. I think it also tamed the sibilance a little.

    Its definitely not burned in yet since I guess I've had maybe 40hrs total on them and not brain burn since I don't listen to them daily. My daily cans are actually my VModa m100 at work.

    These are really excellent sounding headphones.
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  8. bagwell359
    I believe you are speaking of my HE-500. The grill mod goes hand in hand with a pad change, just one or the other didn't seem to all that great. I hated the grill change alone first time.

    WIth the MrSpeakers Ether Angled (thought by some (cskippy is one) to be the best HE-6 pad, and I think it's the best HE-500 pad) on, and then taking off the grill, you lose a lot of lower mid -> upper bass cruft. Overly chesty resonances, wood blocks emphasized, male voices too deep, well beyond what the recording should have, etc. Some call it warm. I call it congested.

    I disagree on the grill, look at the newer grilles on the Sundara. I bet if you got one and replaced the stock on the HE-6 it would sound better. They just went with what they had. HFM made two great drivers in the HE-500 and HE-6, but ignored the sonic character of everything else - IMO. The silver stock cable of the HE-500 is really poor (microphonic, splashy highs). The fuzzor, grill, cables, sorbothane/dynamat mods are all after market and all work when properly chosen and deployed.

    Also with a fully modified HE-500 the imaging is IMO better in terms of depth and side to side and instrument definition in relation to other instruments and space - with those two mods - and the fuzzor included - which is the single critical mod IMO. Cuts down IM in the mids and highs to a large extent - in particular with complex music.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2019
  9. GU1DO
    Yeah it get off really easy ,, i did this grill mod on my HE400 , HE400i , HE560 , HE6se , and soon to my HE5se
  10. nahpungnome
    Do you find that just taking the cloth off, but leaving the stock grill makes a noticeable difference? Given how closed in the stock grill is, it visually seems like it would be very minimal.
  11. GU1DO
    because i have more than one grill i could compare the stock with the one am using now and yes , removing that cloth make a worthy difference for me, though i am looking for more sound stage with more open grill
  12. alpovs
  13. GU1DO
    Correction to my previous post ,, i am using FocusPad A ,, not the regular FocusPad
  14. GU1DO
    Yeah look like it is discontinued , though you can find it on other stores , maybe its the last batch ?
    Edit ,,
    i found out it is Limited production of 700 pieces only
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2019
  15. SilverEars
    I luv the bass on this track, but not sure if HE-6 is uniquely enhancing or it's mainly from the track. It's better through Tidal. But I'm definitely getting hefty bass, expressing the resonance like bass really quickly. Speed and grip is definitely the indicator it's being driven properly. Also the treble gets tighter (less splashy?) as the chain is better and better.

    Last edited: Nov 2, 2019
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