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Hifiman HE6-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. ostewart
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  2. JLoud
    Adorama has these on sale right now for $699. Crazy good price. If you have been thinking of getting a pair this is too good to pass up.
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  3. JLoud
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  4. alpovs
    Looks like Adorama has 348 in stock. I wonder if the price will drop even more...

    If they really made only 700 they sold only half or less.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
  5. bagwell359
    Just ordered a pair from Adorama for $699.
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  6. bagwell359
    700 was also the run size of the HE5SE, complete with wooden cups. Never saw one on line or in person with wooden cups. I'd wager that more than 700 HE6SE's have been produced.
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  7. GU1DO
  8. nahpungnome
    Contemplating a second pair also, lol. I'll wait though...also in the thread, it says that the extras aren't included. Anyone that are getting in on the $700 price, can you confirm please?

    I'll wait for another drop to $500 :)
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  9. bagwell359
    This really shows what these cost HFM to build. Adorama probably paid less than $225 per as a group ($300 per unit rate estimated). That $899 and $699 price represents good profit for Adorama. I think they will go down to $599 at some point. Imagine what the original folks that paid $1895 must feel like. At least a 1/3 bought so far at the high end sold off in the $1050-1300 range I'd wager. Buch of used ones in the $1100-1200 range, won't be getting much business at that rate.

    Besides the support which no used owners get - thats all you get from from HFM besides some genius products interlaced with meh products and meh QA.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
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  10. JLoud
    They come with XLR cable and 1/4" adapter. Same as regular HE6se of Hifiman's website. Ad was confusing. It just doesn't have the add on speaker adapter or an extra set of earpads. I guess they had offered a package deal at one time.
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  11. kid vic
    If it wasn't for my current financial state I would 200% buy one. I guess I gotta wait for the next price drop
  12. GU1DO
    Most high end audio gear actual cost is fractional of the MSRP , it would never exceed 10-30% for most brands
    i know that form very large dealer
  13. bagwell359
    In my day the highest % was Nakamichi (it was like 35%). Junk like the 901's (which I helped build in 1978) was about 7%. Later some value audiophile brands (pre Schiit) were like 30%. Cutting out retail is a gigantic savings.
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  14. bagwell359
    Well, the HE6SE's came 20 hours after the order. Well packed. Cans, XLR cable, short XLR -> SE adaptor. 2 all felt spare pads, 2 pads mounted. That cable is a trip, looks like mini medical hose with a pair of 26 ga wires in there. Betcha they degrade big time after a couple of years. Don't bend them hard! Glad I already ordered a pair of custom cables. Speaking of Custom Cables in the UK. I put in an order and screwed up selection of one of the ends. So they get here. I bring it up, and even though they know I blew it they will re-terminate and send back no cost. That's customer service.
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  15. bagwell359
    Is the low price of the HE6SE going to greatly alter the sub $1k market for headphones?

    Just ordered a pair yesterday, just got them 2 hours ago. They are superb. Original price $1799. Older HE-6's if you could find them $1k-ish.

    Just paid $699 for mine. Dropped from $899 a few days earlier. Adorama has over 300 left to sell. What's the price going to be in six weeks? $399?

    Two issues get in the way.

    1. The need for a minimum of 2 watts into 50 ohms.

    2. The supply is going to run out, and will HFM continue to make them - like the Sundara, 560, 400*. Or let them go like the HEX v2, HE-500, etc.

    If they keep selling them for $699 - or less, they are going to cut sales of a lot of models including their own.

    I'm not complaining, but, these make it clear to me that the HE-500 won't be re-released by HFM or Drop - since the cost of making them is similar, but the amount they can sell for is not.
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