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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. KewlMunky
    So far my HE-6 has about 35 hours of burn in. I did listen to it right away out of the box. I never thought my LCD-2.2 was lacking in detail until I heard the HE-6. I suppose one doesn't know what they're missing until they hear it. The LCD-2.2 does have more bass impact, especially when listening to Daft Punk. However I do find the HE-6 to have a faster and more quality bass with my metal. I'm still hearing bass guitars really well. Even though I do like more bass, I find myself liking the extra top end in the HE-6.
    Unfortunately, my HE-6 arrived with a defective cable. The right connector doesn't screw on tightly. It is a major pain to get the threads going, and once they are going as soon as I try to get it tight the threads slip and it's loose again. I know I'm not over doing it as the left side goes fine, and I even tried out another cable I had come with my Emotiva amp for the Hifimans and it went on perfectly. The stock cable with my HE-6 also has a tear in the covering on the right connector; I can see the copper wire. The headphones were sold by another company and fulfilled by Amazon. I'm wondering where I should go with this as I don't believe that company carries the HE-6 anymore. I'd hate to send the whole unit back and have to wait for a replacement, but I really feel that I should get a proper cable when I pay this much for headphones.
  2. ohhgourami

    There should be spare connectors in the box. Determinate the cable with the new connectors. When you find a nice aftermarket cable you like, I suggest hardwiring. I don't think it's worth the bother to return.
  3. KewlMunky
    It'd be nice if I could just get a replacement cable from them, but I suppose I should just enjoy the fact I got the headphones for $310 cheaper than normal price and just replace the end and tape up the cord. I probably will find a nicer aftermarket cable eventually.
  4. Jozurr
    If that other company was an authorised reseller you can talk to Hifiman directly for help. Try e-mailing both the company and Hifiman. Tell Hifiman the issue and they might be able to send you a replacement cable or something assuming the problem was out of the box and not from the dealer's end. Their customer service has come through for me every single time and has been just exemplary overall. Mad props to them for that.
    You paid a deal amount for them yes, but if the headphones were bought as new, you should've received a working cable.
  5. Mshenay Contributor
    Yea that's what I heard about the V2 an the Fazor models, which is a shame, I'd love to hear a LCD 2 V2 frankly, as the Fazor model didn't compete with my HE 4 all that well imo
    Also hows teh HE 6 sound compared to a HE X? I've got the HE X on my head an it's a CLEAR step up from my HE 4 [an I'm not even using balanced out >.>] 
  6. LarsHP
    I haven't heard the HE1000. Some of the others in this thread has. From what I have read the HE1000 is better in some ways than a modded HE-6, but the modded HE-6 is better than the HE1000 in other areas.
  7. yacine60180
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  8. richard51
  9. yacine60180
    The Dharma d1000 is for soon .
  10. richard51

    i will wait for your impression... I had read all your post on the homecinema forum and i like your review....I want to buy the dharma because he 6 is difficult to amplify correctly....I am interested by the microzotl for amplifiying....
  11. yacine60180
    [​IMG]thank you very much
  12. Articnoise
    The new 110 Ohms driver and fazor makes the bass quality better on LCD 2/3 IMO not the other way around. The amount of subbase is a bit lesser thou. I have owned both at the same time and the LCD 3F’s bass is more articulated, well-defined and less bloomy than on the LCD 3C.


    And for the record the LCD 3F still has a fuller sound with more bass than the HE6. It’s less articulated and not as defined and so on but that’s another story. I would even say that the LCD 3F’s bass sounds closer to a modded HE6 than what the LCD 2/3 do.

  13. LarsHP
    I just listened to The B-52's "Cosmic Thing" (24-bit) again, and I think this is an excellent track to check bass performance. It has both slam, attack and a good amount of sub bass. This is actually the track that made me discover that my LC Audio ZAPsolute Mk4 power amp is better (tighter and more controlled) than the Master 6 headphone output. On many other tracks I haven't noticed the difference:
    From the headphone out of the M6 the bass is relatively softer, fuller and/or warmer. Through the ZAPsolute the bass is tighened up clearly which yields a leaner bass, but with more attack and slam.
  14. Silent One
    @ LarsHP
    Luv that CD!
  15. LarsHP
    Yes, it's a really good album - also in terms of sound quality. Good dynamics (even the newest 24-bit version) and clarity.

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