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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. bigkef
    Looks beautiful... I may have to look into one of those babys!! I suspect that there us an issue with the right channel of my speaker amp so while having restored I may give a shot.. Massive toroidal and caps are ALWAYS welcome here!!! Thanks for the tip..
  2. bigkef
    Are you driving he6 from headphone jack?? If so how does it sound?
  3. JamieMcC
    I use the HE-6 hooked up to the speaker posts with a diy adapter.  But have tried using the trs headphone socket and while it works ok it is definitely not as good as straight off the speaker posts. I suspect the added circuitry used to attenuate down the  volume on the headphone out takes a toll on the sound quality.
  4. Oregonian
    One of you fine HE-6 owners attached their Audeze pads with BluTack...............if you read this, can you either post up here or PM me on how you accomplished this please? 
  5. ohhgourami
    Blutack isn't sticky enough.
  6. Fearless1

    It was me. I used something stronger then BluTack, but it was like it. I have since got new pads for all of my Hifiman and the Audeze sticky ring is much easier.

    I was sharing two pairs of pads between the 4, 400/i, 500 and the 6, so I would take them off occasionally.
  7. jazzfan
    I'm using a product called Glue Dots. It's a soft pliable gum like adhesive similar to that used to seal foldable bulk mailings. I found a package of 60 dots at Office Max/Office Depot for $2.99. It comes in permanent or removable versions - I purchased the removable type. Just place 12 or more dots around a headphone cup, position the Audeze pads and press. What I like about the product is it's reusable and doesn't leave a residue. Give it a try.
  8. Oregonian

    Thank you for the info bud! 
  9. Audio Addict Contributor
    Comfort headstrap arrived. I am not sure it is installed correctlybut it works.

  10. jarnopp

    Is that the one from @Lohb? I recently received and installed it, due mostly to my small head! It looks like you have the spring-loaded cable holders still on? My instructions said to use those to find the right lengths, then tie the string/cables in a knot and discard the cable holders. Shouldn't make a difference, but would probably result in a cleaner look.

    On a side note, I may change the cable for a less stretchy one, since it seems to pull the headphones up my head a bit with movement. Any else experimented with this?

    PS: how do you like the LC? Have you tried with the HE6 yet?
  11. Audio Addict Contributor

    Yes, that's the one. The universal instructions are the same as yours. I just did not see that in the photos so I have not do that.

    The LC will drive the it with the 3X gain and the Pulse Infinity output at 0.0 db. Both balanced in and out on the LC.

    However last night I used the Burson Audio SSA Lycan. Pulse Infinity at -6.0 dB and the Lycan at roughly 10 o'clock. All SE connections using a balanced to SE headphone adapter. I actually like this combination better. I think it is the v5 custom discrete opamp that I prefer.
  12. Hansotek

    Wow! Just tried this. The Liquid Carbon handled the HE-6 way, way better than I thought it would!

    It's not exactly the "end game" or anything, but it is quite respectable. It reaches down and grabs some pretty low-level timbral acoustic detail. It doesn't offer the huge dynamics you get with big power, but it's not totally flat either. Interesting listen for sure!
  13. jelt2359 Contributor

    Personally I would classify it as "loud enough but not good enough". Kinda like driving the hd800 from a portable amp, which I'm seen some people do. Good enough in a pinch but if that's one of the key points of consideration to me the answer is to look elsewhere.
  14. Hansotek

    To be clear, I would have expected the LC/HE-6 to be stabbing my ears with the murder treble you often get with an under-powered HE-6. It wasn't. It provided a sound that would be, as you said, "Good enough in a pinch."
  15. TPSRA
    LC powers Max 1.5W into 50ohms, is that really sufficient to drive HE6?
    My 50ohms~2W  SRPP tube amp have audible distortion in the lower bass.

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