HifiMan HE-560 US Touring Event - Sign up List Updated

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  1. bluemonkeyflyer
    I'm happy to hear the Touring HE-560 made it to you despite the box damage. Shippers are a Tough Bunch! The package left Memphis intact. I'm glad I applied extra tape at all edges.
    I agree with your impressions comparing HE-560 with HD-650 and Q701. The HD-650's are too dark and the Q701's are too bright. HE-560 sits in the Goldilocks Zone. Of course, being planar they have a different presention than dynamic headphones. I prefer planars, myself.
    I will add that, during the delay while waiting for direction from Team HiFi Man about where/when to ship, I loaned the HE-560 to an audiophile friend. He compared them to LCD2 v1 and HE-6. He told me HE-560 was positioned between the other two. He thought LCD2 had better bass than the other two, HE-560 had better treble than the other two, and HE-560 topped the others for midrange clarity. To his ears, HE-6 sounded smeared in the bass and midrange areas such that imaging of instruments in busy, complicated passages was "blurred." HE-560 was also the most comfortable to him and I generally agree with his impressions, FWIW.
    ~ BMF
  2. Keithpgdrb
    Very interesting comments from a your friend. What did he use to drive the 6? His comments are opposite mine in areas.
  3. bluemonkeyflyer

    GS-X mkII and HA-1 with flac files
  4. Keithpgdrb

    huh.  I would not have forseen that.  interesting.
  5. Dr. Mephisto
    Received the East Coast 2 (formerly Canadian) pair from dxanex on Monday, well packaged and in great time. All the extras are here, though I doubt I'll have much time for pad rolling...I'm having far too much fun listening to these as is. 
  6. Terja
    What pads do you have on them right now?
  7. Dr. Mephisto
    The finished retail-version pads. 
  8. Terja
    Um .. Focus or Focus A? Focus pads have perforations around the inside lip, Focus A pads do not.
  9. Dr. Mephisto
    Started with Focus, now trying out the Focus-A. Initial impression is that they're softer and much more comfortable...wasn't expecting that kind of difference. 
  10. tigon_ridge
    I've already purchased my own pair of HE-560 months ago, after waiting ages for the tour pair. I'm enjoying the heck out of it, and had already left impressions in the HE-560 thread. Go ahead and cross my name off the list.
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  11. Dithyrambes
    Any chance there is a possibility to still join the tour?
  12. daltonlanny
    My guess is, probably not.
  13. phillyd
    EDIT: Delete
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