HifiMan HE-560 US Touring Event - Sign up List Updated

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  1. TeamHiFiMAN

    Please post your HE-560 impression and review in the following thread. Thanks!


    A lot of people have asked for a HE-560 touring event, so July 4th seems to be the perfect day to start this. [​IMG]
    You can sign up right now by replying to this post with the following information. The deadline is midnight July 10th. 
    1. Which State will the headphone be shipped to? Do NOT provide you full address here. We will PM you later. 
    (Unfortunately this event will be US only due to logistic reason. For people from other countries please contact your local dealer if you wish to demo HE-560. We are confident that you will be amazed. If you need information about your local dealer, please feel free to email us at customerservice@head-direct.com.)
    2. Your equipments including headphones, IEMs, Source and Amps.

    3. How would you describe your headphone experience? 
    4. Do you agree with all the rules and terms below? :)
    We will do two groups. One for the east coast and another for the west coast to save everyone some shipping cost.
    The rules are:
    1. Each participant is agreed to post his/her impression or opinion about HE-560 on head-fi (we will open a new thread as soon as the touring begins.) If you can do a more detailed review, we would be really appreciated. 
    2. Each participant is allowed to demo the headphone for one week (7 days) EXCEPT the first person who can keep it for two weeks to allow for proper burn-in. We know that one week might not be enough for some people, but we have a feeling that many people will sign up and we try not to make the last person on the list wait for a year before he/she can get a taste of the delicious HE-560. :) We might consider extending it later, but right now one week seems to be fair and easy. 
    3. Each participant is responsible for the shipping cost to the next person on the list. We ask that you pack the headphone well and include the original display box as well as all accessories. We will PM you with the shipping information the next person privately. You are required to ship it with FedEx or UPS. If you must use USPS, please make sure a tracking number is provided (NOT just deliver confirmation.)
    4. Each participant is asked to take good care of the headphone as well as all accessories, and keep it clean. We have a very good community here, so please be considerate of the person you will be shipping the headphone to.  
    Disclaimer: HifiMan reserves the right to add or change the rules of this event at any time. HifiMan also reserves the right to reject participants. 
    So again you ask we deliver. It is the HifiMan way. :) 
    FINAL Participants List:
    1. marshallmole
    2. daltonlanny
    3. swspiers
    4. wmedrz
    5. Wildcatsare1
    6. cardon
    7. kunlun
    8. lmswjm
    9. thegunner100
    10. skyline315
    11. bluemonkeyflyer
    12. Keithpgdrb
    13. dxanex
    14. mac336
    15. bdavidson
    16. GloryUprising
    17. Zida (CAD)
    18. spbach
    19. monoglycer (CAD)
    20. Dr. Mephisto
    21. ivanrocks321
    22. moodyrn
    23. Armaegis (CAD)
    24. geetarman49 (CAD)
    25. Terja (CAD)
    1. takezo
    2. Whitetriton
    3. darinf
    4. Maxvla
    5. Oregonian
    6. Barra
    7. roadcykler
    8. Biscuitz
    9. mechgamer123
    10. drbluenewmexico
    11. revolutionz
    12. gsr108
    13. tigon_ridge
    14. Greggo
    15. blitzpirate

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  2. marshallmole
    Wow, seems no one has replied yet. I will try to catch this train~ :wink:
    My main system is:
    PC->Audio-gd DI-DSP->NFB10SE->Bottlehead S.E.X->T1 or HE-5LE
    My office system is: PC->Musilannd MX06->W40 or Flat-4 Kuro
    I have enjoyed quite a few popular over-ear headphones for about 2 years. I have fairly extensive experience with Hifiman HE-5LE headphones, including some modding, and the fact that it is staying while others are going says how I love them. 
    I listen to a wide range of music and has experience with many live concerts in different venues. I am also a piano player. 
    I agree. Definitely! 
  3. daltonlanny
    I would love to participate!
    1. I live in Tennessee.
    2. My system consists of a HeadAmp GS-1 fully discrete class A headphone amp, sources are Marantz CD 6004 cd player, Oppo BDP 95 Universal DVD/SACD/DVD Audio/CD disc player, my headphones consist of Sennheiser HD 650, Sennheiser HD 600, Sennheiser HD 540 Reference 1 and Reference II.
    3, My headphone experience has been very good, and extensive. I have been a headphone enthusiast for 30 years.
    I listen to alot of live music, and have a high dollar home audio system. I have listened to many other headphones through the years, and know exactly what to listen for. I also owned a pair of Stax SR Lambda Signature electrostatic headphones for many years.
    4.I fully agree to your terms, rules, and conditions.

    I would absolutely love to audition your HE 560 headphones and post impressions on Headfi!

  4. takezo
    1. southern california
    2. cia vda2, wa-6, pioneer 9100, sansui au-8500, hd800, he-6, lcd2.2, re-400
    3. addicted for life
    4. i agree to said conditions
  5. Whitetriton
    1.  Southern California
    2.  Mostly FLAC files ripped from CDs out of Asus DG soundcard from computer to Schiit Bifrost DAC to Bottlehead Crack/Schiit Lyr/Marantz 2270 to Sennheiser HD600-800, and Hifiman HE-500.
    3.  I'm an audio enthusiast that greatly enjoys listening to music through headphones. 
    4.  I agree to the terms stated.
    I'm very excited to try the new HE-560
  6. swspiers
    1. North Carolina
    2. Current equipment is a computer into an Oppo BDP-103 for FLAC and other files, with the Oppo also used for SACD and DVD-A, coax out into a Schiit Bifrost Uber, into a Burson Soloist amplifier.  Current cans include Grado 225i and the Alpha Dogs from Mr. Speakers.
    3. Headphone experience dates back to the late 70's with the Sennheiser  HD-414 and AKG K-240.  I also owned the HFM HE-5LE for about 2 years.  I consider myself to be moderately experienced. with both home and pro-audio.
    4. I absolutely agree with all of the terms and conditions of the tour!
  7. wmedrz
  8. Wildcatsare1

    Edit: I will be adding a MrSpeakers Alpha Dog to my HP's on 7/7.
  9. cradon
    1. New York
    2. Headphone: HE-6, Source: MacBook Pro connected via USB --> Lampizator Lev7, AMR DP-777 DAC, Audio gd Master 7 DAC, Amps: First Watt F1J, Krell 400xi, Audio gd Master 9, W4S mAMPs.
    3. I've been listening with headphones since my college days in the 90's, its one of my favorite way to relax.
    4. I agree to the terms and conditions of the tour.
  10. Kunlun
    1. New York City area
    2.Mostly Sony and Sennheiser headphones. I'm looking into orthos and have heard the Abyss and Audeze headphones. I enjoyed the HE6. I have a lot of high end custom earphones.
    3. I'm serious about really listening to my music and have been for years. I like to listen carefully to what a headphone can do in bass, midrange and treble.
    4. I agree to the terms of the tour!
  11. darinf
    • Southern California
    • Headphone Inventory
      Stax SR-009
      Sennheiser HD-800
      Stax SR-407
      Heir Audio 8.A CIEM
      Noble K10
      Noble 6
      Paradox Slants
      Paradox Enigma
      Etymotic SR-4S
      Koss PortaPro (with Kramer and quarter mods)
      Monoprice 8320
      VModa M80
      Headphone Amp Inventory
      Russian Prototype Electrostatic Amp/DAC
      Schiit Lyr 2
      Geek Out 450
      Schiit Vali
      Stax SRM-323A
      HRT Micro Streamer
      Old Headroom Amp
      iBasso D7
      Source Inventory
      Smyth Realiser A8
      Out of Your Head - Virtual speaker processing software
      Dune HD Max
      Schiit Wyrd
      Astell & Kern AK120
      HRT Micro Streamer
      Geek Out 450
      Russian Prototype Electrostatic Amp/DAC
      Macbook Air running Amarra and Audirvana
      Several Windows machines running Jriver Media Center 19
    • I've been an audiophile since I was in college, but got into headphones a couple years ago. Since then I started an audio software company, Darin Fong Audio. We develop and sell Out Of Your Head software which is virtual speaker software for headphones. It gives you the experience of listening to speakers in headphones.
    • Yes, I agree to the terms.
  12. lmswjm
    1. Western New York

    2. I have owned many HFM headphones over the years including the HE6 and HE500. Currently favoring LFF's mod'd HE5 and Senn HD800.
    Gear: AGD Master 7, Master 6, Cavalli Liquid Glass etc.

    3. I've been serious about this hobby for about 10 years now.

    4. I do agree to the terms of the tour.

  13. Maxvla Contributor
    1. Which State will the headphone be shipped to?


    2. Your equipments including headphones, IEMs, Source and Amps.

    Headphone Inventory

    AKG K-550
    Hifiman RE-262
    Koss Portapro
    MEElectronics M9
    Sennheiser HD600
    Sennheiser HD800
    Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor

    Headphone Amp Inventory

    ECP Black Diamond
    Headamp GS-X2 (coming in a week or two)
    Matrix M-Stage w/USB DAC
    Matrix Mini-I DAC/amp
    Matrix Mini-I Pro DAC/amp
    Schiit Ragnarok (coming soon)

    Source Inventory

    Matrix X-Sabre
    Matrix M-Stage w/USB DAC
    Matrix Mini-I DAC/amp
    Matrix Mini-I Pro DAC/amp
    Rotel RDD-980

    Portable Sources
    Microsoft Zune 8gb Flash

    3. How would you describe your headphone experience?

    Been a member of Head-fi for nearly 12 years and have heard nearly everything in the full size category, and have limited portable/IEM experience. Specific to Hifiman, I have heard the HE Audio Jades, HE-5, HE-5LE, HE-6, RE262, HE500, and HE300. I currently own the RE262 (though a wire is nearly severed and I haven't used it in years), and owned the HE-6 which I ordered upon release and ultimately did not like. My main criticism of your full size line, since the release of the HE-5, has been comfort, and seeing the HE-560 is a completely different design, I am interested to give it a try. Also, the measurements I've seen so far are very promising, especially in the distortion characteristics.

    4. Do you agree with all the rules and terms below? :)

    Yes. I would request my audition be placed at least 6 weeks from now to ensure I have had delivery of the Headamp and Schiit amplifiers.


    To all members trying the HE-560, I recommend you not use USPS. I recently participated in an Oppo PM-1 loaner program and a prior participant had shipped the unit via USPS and his cost was $34. I shipped the unit via Fedex and it was only $25 for about the same distance. More secure and cheaper.
  14. thegunner100
    1. NY
    2. Your equipments including headphones, IEMs, Source and Amps.

    I only have the UERMs and gr07s now, but I've owned and tried many headphones. See profile for full list.
    Amp: UHA-6s MK II, Schiit Vali, Virtue ONE.3
    Source: Schiit Gungnir, DX90
    3. How would you describe your headphone experience? 
    Been in the hobby for about 2 years now, having gone from cheap disposable earbuds now to having tried many top headphones. Mostly into speakers now, but a good pair of headphones still makes me smile.
    4. Do you agree with all the rules and terms below? :)
  15. Oregonian

    Answers above.......or see signature.
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