HifiMan HE-560 US Touring Event - Sign up List Updated

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  1. dxanex
    Got the East Coast HE-560's in today from Keithpgdrb. Well packaged, and everything looks in order. Unfortunately it came at the same time as my HD 800 so I've spent most of my time listening to the HD 800 today! But I will spend a whole lot of time with the HE-560's tomorrow after a healthy serving of turkey and mashed potatoes. [​IMG]
  2. bluemonkeyflyer
    Everything I received was in pretty good shape except: some of the pads were separating from their plastic foundations, some of the pad tabs were bent, and their were some scratches on the box. None of this is surprising given the number of people involved in the Demo.
    I will send this Demo to the next person in line once I receive confirmation from TeamHiFiMan. Keithpgdrb and dyanex have already been served. mac336 has decided to drop out. I suppose bdavidson is next but I want to be sure before shipping.
    HE-560 Impressions
    Build Likes:
    • Light weight
    • 180 degree cup rotation horizontally and 360 degree rotation vertically
    • Mini jacks and plugs
    • Suspension strap
    • Comfort
    • Cable sheath
    Build Dislikes:
    • Pad attachment system makes it very difficult to remove and install pads without damage. Several of the pads that came with the Demo package were coming apart at the edges. Some of the pad “tabs” were bent and misshaped. None of this is surprising given the number of people involved in the audition.
    • Cable kinks and tangles too easily
    • Appearance is average for the headphones and box
    • The clamping mechanism that secures the headband to the cup yokes is too loose.
    Sound Likes:
    • Very open sounding headphone offers a wide sound stage
    • Well integrated and balanced from top to bottom
    • Bass is fast, detailed, and textured
    • Very good treble detail, air, and shimmer without sibilance provide the micro-retrieval I prefer.
    • Acoustic guitar and orchestra strings sound perfect
    Sound Dislikes:
    • Midrange is dry, lacking the “lushness” offered by HE-6 and LCD2 when listening to vocals. Perhaps a bit too much energy at 4 kHz to 5 kHz. On the other hand, this quality seems to contribute favorably to HE-560’s clarity and openness.
    • Bass lacks the impact of HE-6 and LCD2 - slightly less bass and sub-bass punch.
    • Soundstage/Openness    HE-560 > HE-6 > LCD2 
    • Bass                              LCD2 v1 > HE-6 > HE-560
    • Midrange                        LCD2 v1 > HE-6 > HE-560
    • Treble                            HE-560 > HE-6 > LCD2 v1
    • Micro-Detail Retrieval      HE-560 > HE-6 > LCD2 v1
    • Sensitivity                      LCD2 v1 > HE-560 > HE-6
    • Build                              LCD2 v1 > HE-560 > HE-6
    • Appearance                    LCD2 v1 > HE-560 > HE-6
    • Comfort                          HE-560 > HE-6 > LCD2 v1
    • Weighs Less                    HE-560 > HE-6 > LCD2 v1
    • Slider Clamp                   HE-6 > LCD2 v1 > HE-560  
    Audio Chain:
    • Lossless Files > USB > OPPO HA-1 DAC > Headamp GS-X mkII > Headphone
    • Same as above except with HA-1 Amp
    • Wide variety of music genres - jazz, rock, classical, alternative, instrumental, vocals
    • Sound Levels matched with Pink Noise at 1 kHz using a calibrated Galaxy “Checkmate” CM-140 SPL meter
    • Balanced and SE
    I like all 3 headphones. Each shines in some areas and is weaker in others. Differences are less apparent after listening to any one of them for an extended length of time. This may be due to adaptation, or "brain burn-in," and the 30-second auditory memory "window." Rapid A/B switching between them to compare bass, mids, or soundstage width for example, reveals their strengths and weaknesses relative to one another.
    Thank you, Team HiFi Man, for the opportunity to participate in the HE-560 tour.
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  3. bluemonkeyflyer
    There's confusion about where to send the East Coast HE560. It looks like Keithpgdrb sent his set to dxanex who received them. mac336 has opted out. I assume bdavidson should next get the set I have but I have asked Chen/TeamHiFi Man for confirmation.
    @dxanex, where will you be sending your set?
  4. dxanex
    Edit, didn't realize there are two East coast pairs now... so maybe I should send mine to GloryUprising?
    I will also contact Chen.
  5. bluemonkeyflyer
    Chen says we have figured it out.
    @dxanex - You said you will ship to bdavidson. OK, I will PM GloryUprising for the shipping address.
  6. dxanex
    bdavidson just informed me that he has dropped out of the tour. So I will contact Zida next.
  7. Keithpgdrb
    What the hell is wrong with these people?
  8. dxanex

    Well to be fair, bdavidson said he just went ahead and bought the HE-560. But now it looks like I'm going to have to mail the East Coast HE-560 to Canada which is probably going to cost much more than I was expecting to pay. Though I can't complain too much, I've been having a great time so far listening to these.
  9. Keithpgdrb
    ironically the pair I had came from Canada. They should have set this up by distance.
  10. bluemonkeyflyer
    I sent GloryUprsing a PM this morning.
    I will not be sending these to him, or whoever gets them next, without confirmation from him that he is still interested.
  11. Terja
    As far as I know the Canada leg of the tour is complete, as I was the last one on the list and then sent it to Keithpgdrb for a 2nd East Coast pair.
    Also I am not sure why tour members are trying to figure out who is next on the list. From my experience TeamHifiMan was making the arrangements and then contacting the members involved to facilitate an exchange of shipping info. All PM exchanges included TeamHifiMan keeping everyone in the loop of what was going on and where the cans were coming from and going. Just my 2c, let TeamHifiMan handle the logistics.
  12. bluemonkeyflyer
    After conflicting information and change of shipping plans by Team HiFI Man, I have given up on trying to determine who should next receive the HE-560 I have on hand.
    I just contacted Team HiFi Man by PM and asked that they figure out where these should go next, and let me know.
  13. dxanex
    ^same. Apparently the Canada tour is indeed complete.
  14. bluemonkeyflyer
    I received notification from Team HiFi Man to ship HE-560 to spbach. 
    I will ship, today.
  15. spbach
    Received the pair just now, everything came in great condition (except the outside of the boxes). Having never tried anything beyond my HD650s, this is a new experience for me. They are definitely much airier and sparkly than the 650s and have a similar sound signature to my Q701s, but the layers are much easier to discern and depth to the presentation is expanded. I have to agree with bluemonkeyflyer, acoustic guitar is PERFECT. More impressions to come.
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