HifiMan HE-560 US Touring Event - Sign up List Updated

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  1. Keithpgdrb
    I just got a note that the cans will be on their way to me shortly.  east coast pair?
  2. marshallmole
    Does that mean they are close to me now...? [​IMG]
    (Assuming that the order was created with least-distance in mind... I mean obviously it's not the same order as the sign-up list!)
  3. Terja
    Just shipped the Canadian tour pair to Keithpgdrb so that pair is joining the Eastern tour pair that is already making the rounds.
    As far as distance I don't think the organizers based it on that; I think it was based on sign-up order, those who signed up earlier got it earlier. I signed up last on the Canada side so was last to get it here.
    The tour impressions thread gives some kind of idea (sparse) of where the cans have been and possibly where they are.
  4. marshallmole
    Oh really... Well how then can we explain that despite me being the first in the sign-up order I haven't got the call yet... 
    Well not a real problem just curious. Some weeks later I'll be gone for holiday... 
  5. Terja
    Mmm ... that's strange. The Canada part of the tour was sign-up sequential as far as I can tell. Maybe contact HiFiManTeam for clarification.
  6. tigon_ridge
    Just out of curiosity, who's currently in possession of the west coast HE560? Everyone has been quiet.
  7. bluemonkeyflyer
    I received the East Coast HE-560, yesterday from kunlun...thank you! Currently testing and comparing with LCD2 v1, HE-6, PM-1, and other headphones.
    I will post impressions in a few days.
    Thanks Team HiFiMan, for the opportunity.
    ~ BMF
  8. Keithpgdrb
    What carier and how much are these cans insured for. Hifiman isn't answering me.
  9. Keithpgdrb
    if no one tells me how much to insure these for, I'm not putting them back into rotation.  East coast pair will be stalled.  
  10. swspiers
  11. Keithpgdrb
    That's retail. Nobody has ever asked to insure for retail
  12. Keithpgdrb
    Come on people, those of you who have already had these, how much did you insure them for?
  13. dxanex
    People may not be answering because they either didn't insure them or they insured them for way less than they should. Who knows?
    FWIW Justin from HeadAmp always has people insure his demos for around 70% full retail. I believe that would be sufficient but I can't say for sure.

    I'm next in line so I'm just anxious to try them out on my new DNA Sonett 2!
  14. swspiers
    I was early on the East Coast tour, and insured for Full retail when I shipped them. Decide for yourself how much risk you're willing to take.
  15. Keithpgdrb
    I guess I'm just surprised by the non-response from hi-fi man about how much to protect their headphones. Unless they just plan on sticking us with the full retail cost if they got lost of course. Fangs people are usually much more attentive. don't worry David, I'll get these in the mail tonight. No reason you should wait
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