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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. George Taylor
    Ok, that hurts. The only reason I've had interest in the Kennerton Magister is the bog oak. Good luck, hope they sound as amazing as they look.
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  2. TimeSnow
    I'm on pins and needles frankly.

    But hopefully optimistic.
  3. trybeingarun
    This is the headphone that batman would use!
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  4. SBranson
    They're here! They were bought new locally so from past experience, I'm running them in hooked up to the radio. I tried them out and was surprised that I was basically running them at HE400i levels on my A&K Jr. and through my iphone/oppo ha2. I had to switch the Cayin to the high gain though but didn't really like the effect of amping the A&K... Still leaning towards the IFI BL and getting a different DAP that can take advantage of the IFI dac.

    BUT... I've read through the info on the Ori pads and I'm thinking about getting some. Having the 560's again reminds me of that really up front presentation (the last time I got them I was coming from a STAX 007/717 set up) and wondered if the angle and the size of the pads would give a little sense of stepping back from the music a little...
    Part of the reason I upgraded from the HE400i to the 560 was to get that extra detail and now that it's there it actually makes the sound feel a little more forward than the 400i.. Perhaps the grille mod and burn in will help but again, wondering if the Ori pads help out in that way.
  5. TimeSnow
    Ooh now THAT is an image.
  6. TimeSnow
    I just posted a thread about this but thought maybe this would get more useful info.

    I take it that neither my Dragonfly Red or Oppo HS2 SE will drive the HE-560s well enough to really enjoy them properly.

    Does ANYONE have any €500 or less, less is great, suggestions for a DAC + Headphone amp combo that is good enough for these... Until I have proper money to spend next year?

    Would love some help.

  7. DavidA
    If what you are currently using gets the HE560 to your listening level I wouldn't suggest getting a "stop-gap" DAC/amp combo now only to have to sell it later and get what you really want. Does it have to be portable gear? If not a Mimby + Polaris is a pretty good combo that a friend of mine has and its about $500 so might make it under your budget after shipping.
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  8. TimeSnow
    I don't think it will... I'll know tomorrow... but based on what I've read online even the Mojo won't cut it....

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check them out! :)
  9. jaxz
    Mimby+Ember here. Very good pairing for HE-560.
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  10. TimeSnow
    Thank you! The Ember has been mentioned a few times here... I'm not sure if they ship to Europe... I need to check!

  11. TimeSnow
    Has anyone tried the Little Dot MKIII + Little Dot DAC_1 combo by any remote chance? There's one for sale locally at a good price.... but god knows if it's any good for these.
  12. doctorjazz
    The Massdrop Liquid Carbon and associated DAC would be a pretty good choice I'd guess, but the wait for it is long, and I'm not sure how they are internationally...
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  13. TimeSnow
    Yeah, sadly massdrop isn't really a thing for people in Europe... sad.

    Thank you for the suggestion though; I had looked at that.
  14. mandrake50
    I am not sure what shipping and tax would do to it, but I got an iDSD Black Label for $378 USD from Adorama. That was a few months ago, but I have seen it at that price since from the same place.
    Now I don't agree about the HA2SE (I have never used the Dragonfly). I use my version 1 of that unit with the 560 for portable (around the house) and it is just fine. This whole idea of "needing" ungodly amounts of power to Enjoy properly" any headphone is misleading at best. There are amps that will have better synergy with a set of 560s than others, but the determining factor is usually not power output.

    You can certainly "enjoy properly" the 560 with any number of amps... including the HA2SE... if you don't allow yourself to get caught in this expectation bias where you will not allow yourself to enjoy it... because you read someone you don't even know say you need something with at least X Watts and costing over some ridiculous price.

    BTW, the iDSD Black Label does sound very nice with the 560, but also with anything I have connected to it. The unit is something that you may want to keep around regardless of anything else that you decide to buy. I have lots of gear, but the BL has found a home here for the foreseeable future. Not only does it sound good, but its flexibility is unsurpassed in a unit this size and price. Pre amp, standalone amp, standalone DAC, USB Bridge, bass boast, crossfeed, gain settings for everything from ultrasensitive IEMS to full sized headphones (max 4 watts/16 ohms)charge a phone, it does that all and more.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
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  15. TimeSnow
    This is making me feel a bit better, thank you...

    I was REPEATEDLY told I couldn't power my HD650s with a phone, and that turned out to be untrue. Yeah, they sounded better with an amp, but the notion that they were unenjoyable with my phone was just silly.

    Very happy to hear about the Oppo and will DEFINITELY consider the BL... I looked at that previously for my 650s when I got them, but the Oppo worked fine for that so I didn't bother... maybe I should now reconsider!

    Much appreciate the calming post :)

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