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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. mandrake50
    The Focus A pads do... others have written about others over the last couple of weeks, right here on this thread.
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  2. jaxz
    Thanks. Will check.
  3. thebkt
    Ori pads do not kill the bass, not the perforated variant at least. I'm listening with them right now and had the hm5's on earlier, no bass lost.

    Between focus pads, hm5 and Ori, the Ori pads are the best in sound and comfort for me. As I've mentioned, my big ears fit in then and the sound is cleaner than the hm5. They're also easier to fit than the hm5's.

    I've got basically no reason to look back at any other pads at this point. Ymmv etc. But I'm sorted now.
  4. Guidostrunk
  5. mandrake50
    I mentioned that the Focus A pads are my favorite after the Jerg pads. but you can't just buy the Jerg pads off of the shelf. So focus A it is, for me.
    I tried cables, silver, silver plated copper and pure OCC copper, as well as hybrid silver/copper. Honestly I did not hear anything hugely different between any of those . At least nothing significant... or significant in the direction that I wanted to go.
    This basically was to tame down the upper midrange and lower treble unevenness. So, I would not recommend buying cables to do any serious tuning. Some say that they make audible differences, and perhaps they do. But, at least to me, not the kind of difference required to significantly modify a headphone's basic sound signature enough to make it good, or bad or even enough difference to change my unhappiness with overall SIGNATURE. Now I buy cables for quality of connectors, length, ease of management, maybe even "BLING" just not significant tuning.
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  6. jaxz
  7. Brahmsian
    It so happened that I purchased two headphones which ended up complementing each other in that way. But usually once I start listening I tend to stick with one genre and therefore one headphone. That's why I wouldn't own more than two main headphones. I'd just never use them.

    Why do you think getting lost in the music is a rare occurrence for you? Thankfully, I find it fairly easy. However, it's true that I often have a hard time becoming absorbed in the music when I'm discovering new classical music, which can be challenging. Headphone discomfort can also prevent me from getting absorbed in the music.

    I'm standing pat for now, too. I'm just not finding any straightforward info on pads for the 560. I'd like to know what you think of the Ori pads. The perforations supposedly weaken the bass, but according to ZMF that is more the case with closed cans than with open ones like the 560.
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  8. thebkt
    As I stated clearly above, the perforated Ori pads don't diminish the bass. Back to back with the hm5 pads, there's no noticeable loss in bass. If anything it extends just as well and is a tad tighter. I didn't notice much difference between focus pads and the hm5's when I first got there 560's.
  9. Brahmsian
    I hear you; it's just that I got conflicting accounts on precisely this point.
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  10. SBranson
    Coming back to the HE560 for the second time and wondering what portable amps are a good match these days. Last time I had these I tried the ALO continental V2 which I didn’t think was a good match and replaced it with the CEntrance Hifi M8 which worked much better but the battery life kinda sucked.
    I’ve been looking at the mojo and ifi black label primarily.

    I have an Oppo HA2 but am moving away from using my iPhone as a source since I got an A&K Jr. and can now play hi-res files. I also have a Cayin C5. Alternately are there any $500’ish or less Daps that can power these well?

    PS... my portability desires are for working at home, not for commuting or the like. Desktop solutions aren’t practical for me.

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  11. TimeSnow
    I have a pair modded hy Hifi-er michauczok incoming. I know it's a bit of a gamble when the whole headphone has been basically redone, but the reviews of his work, and the confirmation from the current owner, gives me hope. Plus they look badass.


    I am going to try it with a few amps, and may just break down and finally buy a Mojo as well.

    No real clue what I'm in for, but should know within the next few days.

    Thanks to everyone on this thread for all the info, etc.

    I may come back with some questions, but in the meantime, thanks. :)
  12. DavidA
    @TimeSnow , those look "bad ass" and I hope they sound as good as they look
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  13. George Taylor
    Those really do look amazing. That grill and the wood(?) around the outer cup. :ksc75smile:
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  14. TimeSnow
    Not just around the outer cup :wink:


    That's Bog Oak... basically petrified wood... thousands of years old

  15. TimeSnow
    You and me too!

    I'm a composer and producer and musician so I HOPE to be able to use them for work... that's the goal at least! I'll have to learn them, like all new monitors, but... well... fingers crossed...

    They're also coming with a balanced cable... so I may pursue trying to use them like that at some point.

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