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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. intlsubband
    What I don't understand about the whole burn-in business is this: if companies say that their products should be burned in for X amount of hours, then why don't they burn them in as part of the production?
  2. roadcykler
    So that we, the consumers, can hear the magical transformation that is....burn in. Or something. [​IMG]
  3. intlsubband
    No kidding... A couple of days ago I ordered a new DAP, ibasso DX90, and apparently they took it 1 step further and included a "burn-in cable", which is basically a 3.5mm lead that leads to... nothing. So you can stick it in the headphones port when "burning in".
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  4. roadcykler
    Somebody out there also sells cd's specifically made to burn in equipment. For some reason PT Barnum comes to mind...
  5. hifimanrookie
    easy..they want the production fase as short and cheap as possible!!! If they would burn in every component they would go bankrupt! :D look at hifiman, if i understand it right from the 6moons review ..the first (test) series of the 560 were full woodies...i now understand they are not anymore..they now have some kind of veneer wood instead, a tiny layer of wood... As real wood is to hard , timeconsuming and expensive to process i am guessing...that dissapoints me deeply..as i wished they would at last make a new woody after the wonderful and rare he5..as with some magic touches of a certain guy a he5 can sound way above any expectations.

    As far i know only the wellregarded premium brands who do custommade higher end work use some kind of burn in..as they test the custommade components they make by hand, like my amp, it had been running at least for 2 weeks non-stop connected to testing equipment to check for faults and fine tune it etc.(i think i once posted the pics of my amp linked to all kinds of testing equipment) but still its improving after some 450hrs or so of usage...500hrs is the magic number to have the huge capacitators fully burned in i understand from other owners who have a blue circle speaker amp.
    my custom one off toxic cable had also been burned in by toxic for at least 50hrs...they do that now on special request i understand. :wink:
    And yeah..those products are in general not cheap. :xf_eek:

    Edit: am now listening to kate bush on WAV...wow..no digital sample to be found...beautiful natural music..they dont make it anymore like that! :p
  6. dharan
    Yeah, that transformation process is a magical thing. First you think your ears/brain are deceiving you. Then you accept the glory of burn-in with a big smile on your face.
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  7. ThurstonX
    Did you see the photo of the original all wood cupped HE-560s where the wood split after the guy had it for only a few weeks?  I like the look of the all wood cups in the photos, but apparently it's still a problem.  Pity.
  8. davidsh
    Hifiman said they burn in every product before they send it out. Not for how long, though.
  9. hifimanrookie
    so they burn it in and still they advice 150hrs extra burn-in time? Thats sounds a bit contradictive, as to my experience the hifiman's ( i had until now) needed around 100-150 burn-in time..i think they mean with their burn-in time: checking if it works fine... But i can be wrong. :D And to be honest..i bought my hifiman's with different sellers here in europe new and none of them told me the hifiman headphones come as burned-in..maybe its something new i dont know off? :D
  10. hifimanrookie
    Yeah Dont understand this...my code-x is a all woody also..and i have it since january...using it daily and the wood is still perfect!! So its possible to make a woody hifiman afterall...its hifiman who has the problems...but i still think its something about budgetting... And qualitycontrol... Or they just dont have the manufacturing quality to get the wood right....or just use inferior wood or wood finishes..LOTS of BUTS i know...still....its a pity..as i have proof a daily used hifiman woody is durable as well. At least..just like its plasticly siblings. :xf_eek:
    Domt get me wrong..i love the hifiman phones....and will stick to them....but having thew code-x shows me they could do better..esthetic wise..or maybe even soundwise...maybe they should contact our beloved LFF for advice? :D
  11. DaemonSire
    I think when HFM says they burn-in at the factory is more to make sure it works before it leaves and not to actually 'burn it in'.  So likely a short period of time.  This is why they say to continue when you get it so it will sound as good as they intended it to be.
    Could be wrong but that's my take on it.
  12. Ultramus
    I can't recall what my 500s measured at impedence wise, pretty sure I put it in this thread earlier, and I know it was over 38 ohms. Not that resistance is particularly important to orthos. From what I have gathered orthos like current more than anything, but that information isn't readily available from amp to amp. All I know is plugging them into a liquid gold and cobalt didn't wow me over the Mjolnir, which did wow me over the ef2a and magni. Surprisingly I still saw the biggest jump in sound quality going from ef2a DAC to the NFB 1.32, hifimanrookie, I really think your amp deserves a Master 7, tell your wife the guys on head-fi say it's mandatory :p
  13. elwappo99
    I'm surprised Dr. Fang even tried another all wood cup. Nearly every HE-5 cup split at some point. It was one of the many issues the HE-5 had.
  14. hifimanrookie
    Funny u say that..and ur right..the he5 was famous for that! But other brands have no problems with all woodies..

    and my code-x, being a hifiman HE5 in the heart also doesnt crack wood..the wood stays beautiful! and i have it since january now..using it non stop..i think its all about manufacturing quality and wuality of the wood and finishes..hifiman doesnt have it..or doesnt want to invest in it..both probbaly to keep the prices as affordable as possible...they invest in other areas instead i am guessing...otherwise the he560 could be more expensive then its now :wink:
  15. hifimanrookie
    I have a balanced BC dac already. :D
    .so no need for that excellent dac ur advising....if i didnt, i probably would have try that one out as i read good stuff about it.
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