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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. daerron
    I'm considering getting a CablePro Freedom cable due to its shielding. Construction looks very solid as well.
    Btw, measured the inner diameter of the pads here as well, old velour pads 60mm, new hybrid pads are around 53/54mm so the inner diameter is definitely a little bit smaller.
  2. StanD
    Bad news for Ross Perot.
  3. MrDelicious
    Have not tried this guy myself, but he has several happy customers on Reddit: http://www.bestintheversecables.com/
  4. conquerator2
    They are certainly very reasonably priced!
  5. daerron
    Nice price, pity they ship to so few countries...
  6. MrDelicious
    I think Zach does ship internationally, try mailing him.
    daerron likes this.
  7. davidsh
    Ima ask this question in a thread that needs a bump and isn't as crowded as the HE-560 thread.
    It seems to me that many of the planars varies quite a bit in impedance and even sensitivity/effectivity within the same model. Any ideas why that is so, at least the thing with impedance?
    My HE-500 measures 27 and 38 ohms, 5LE measures 41 on both channels and 560 measures 50 on both. All of them out of spec, seen others that measured weird values too. Opinions?
  8. ThurstonX
    I was just thinking about this, and googled about how to measure the impedance, but all I have is a multi-meter, and didn't see a (fail-)safe way to measure my HE-500s.  Any tips?  Not interested in frying them (duuuuuuhhhhhh).
  9. davidsh
    Frying Them with a multi-meter? Good luck with that.
    Just measure resistance on the connector between ring+ sleeve and tip+sleeve, very straight forward.
  10. ThurstonX
    Yeah, I thought those warnings seemed a little strange, but what do I know.  So, it's as simple as probes on the TRS, eh?  Let's see...
    Tip ~ 27.6
    Ring ~ 34.5
    with my shorter DIY cable and a never-before-attached stock cable (so stock I had to use pliers to loosen the SMC ends; marginally higher with my longer DIY cable: 27.9 & 34.7
    Interesting.  MY Grado SR-225s measure ~ 33.0 & 32.9; AKG Q701s ~ 62.0 & 62.2 (custom cable)
  11. StanD
    Orthos are resistive so using an ohm meter might be OK but I would still measure using a tone and a resistor. Dynamic drivers probably not a good idea to use an ohm meter as they are not simply resistive and many have uneven impedance curves.
    Just look at the below curve for the Sennheiser HD558's  Nice spike just below 100 Hz.
  12. davidsh
    An ohm meter should be fine for planars.
    Besides, the HE-560 I possess is approx as insensitive as my HE-5LE, the HE-500 more sensitive than both.
  13. i019791
    The HE500 I originally had measured similarly to yours and was louder at the driver with the smaller impedance
  14. ThurstonX
    Yeah, I read that about dynamic drivers, but I was having fun poking things with my DMM.  For example, my wife's resistance to me getting the HE-560s right now is off the charts!  Almost started a house fire trying to measure that [​IMG]
  15. Aerocraft67
    I just bought an HE-500. I'm new to planar magnetic headphones. I feel a little silly piping music into them constantly for a week, trying not to form too much of an impression before the specified break-in time. First impressions are favorable nevertheless. I couldn't find an explanation handy—why do they need such a long break-in time? 
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