Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
  1. Jerda
    IMO its different.
    The dragonfly its designed to be used with not so demanding cans, or just on the go with tablet cellphones pc etc,
    If you wanna have a desktop setup the modi multibit with magni 3 its a great setup and a good next step until you make your budget go over 1k
  2. CoFire
    I like the sound with the Grace m9XX as it adds a little warmth, tastefully in the lower registers, with just a little more punch. The m9XX is a dac/amp in a very small form factor that's more transportable than portable and provides a great sound without a ton of desk clutter. I agree the Jotunheim would be too bright from what I've read from multiple impressions. The mojo is said to sound similar to the Grace and is a portable unit. The iFi Micro iDSD Black Label seems to sound good with just about anything and borders on portable/transportable. I paired the 400i with a Modi Multibit and Emotiva A100 (with and without the jumpers) and though the sound was a more clinical/cold than the m9XX, I preferred the m9XX due to the extra fullness and punch to the bass. It just sounds more musical. The m9XX I hear is just a great DAC if you decide to swap amps, some say it's more DAC than amp but it's power is respectable and I haven't found anything it sounds terrible with. I think the HD6XX is about the only set of headphones that benefited greatly from the Emotiva A100 with jumpers in which is basically the equivalent of listening through speaker taps. This setup removed the HD6XX veil. I get it now.
  3. peter123
    Although I haven't heard the IFi Micro BL I'd still consider it if I were to buy something today. I did have the original Micro on loan for a while and it's an extremely flexible unit with all its different settings. It also sounded very nice and everything indicate that the BL will sound even better. Just my 2c.....
  4. malenak
    So the final decision will be between Magni3+Modi Multibit or iFi micro iDSD BL. I wish I could listen to them.
  5. CoFire
    Between those options, iFi Micro iDSD Black. It just has to many features and is easily transportable (portable if you have a backpack or something) and it has tons of power. Could be used as a desk unit or on the go.
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  6. InsTwin
    FWIW, Modi Multibit and Magni 2U is the pairing I've used with the HE400i and like it quite a bit. If you value portability and/or low end I would probably go with the iFi Mico iDSD BL. If you want a desktop setup from which you can upgrade your individual components from in the future I would go with the Schiit stack.

    The Schiit stack is definitely a bright pairing with the HE400i, but I haven't found it to be sibilant at all.
  7. jksoon
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  8. George Taylor
    As a owner of both, I say go with the iFi unit. I love mine and have nothing bad to say about it. Nothing really bad to say about the Schiit either, but as others have said, the iFi is more of a Swiss army knife. All about options with it.
  9. malenak
    I read a couple of articles about the Fostex HP-A4 which should be also really nice match for HE400i, but I am afraid of some mentioned technical issues with the firmware. And some of the people are absolutely blowed away by very good SQ and at the same time, some people are saying, that the SQ is nothing special. But, it is half the prize of my previous choice of Schiit stack or iFi BL. Maybe it can be worth the try.
  10. HungryPanda
    I have the Fostex HPA4-BL and it can cope with any of my gear, sounds great too
  11. malenak
    I saw your list of gear. You have there HE400i and you have iFi micro iDSD BL and Fostex HP-A4BL. Which one is sounding better for you? Are you able to describe some differences in SQ between these two?
  12. HungryPanda
    The 400i's sound great on both, I use the Fostex amp at home and the Black label at work
  13. malenak
    There is no major difference? No one from these two is better? If so, I will get the Fostex for the half of prize iFi Black Label.
  14. HungryPanda
    the best thing about my fostex amp is the balanced out, the black label does not. It is portable though and has many more options
  15. Jerda
    Question about my new pair:
    It happens to listen sometimes a click on the right can, happened 3 times today.
    The cans are plugged directly to an iPhone 6 ( I am waiting the stack ) so I don't think it's something like too much power from the amp, can it just be the player or can be a problem of the cans? I am listening from deezer and if I change the EQ from flat to anything else I can listen the same sound but a bit different ( it's always different the click i listen from the cans, the last time I've listened 2 clicks)

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