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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. Selfish Android
    Little Dot i+ is a hybrid tube amp so it will go better with planars than OTL tube amps. i have the 400i with the aforementioned little dot and they sound great but a little too warm. but that's just personal preference. maybe i just gotta tube roll a bit until i find the best match for my 400i's.

    btw can someone tell me about a rather bright tube that works with the i+?
  2. Barndoor
    What tube are you using at the moment? Stock?
  3. Selfish Android
    Voshkod 6zh1p-ev. they sound great with my Grado's tho.
  4. Barndoor
    I use 6hm5, which are on the warm side
    If you haven't changed the opamp then the lt1364 is a very good cheap upgrade that will give a lot more detail. The burson v5 (or v5i) will take things to the next level, but are not cheap.
  5. MWSVette
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  6. Nachash
    And as always, will be available for the U.S. only.
  7. MWSVette
    Is there anywhere else...  lol
  8. sti23
    Great review. Thanks! 
    Can't wait to try these out in the future. 
  9. drwlf

    Which one :p
  10. JustJoseph
    Got these new from taobao for 1250 rmb (180ish usd) . Taobao has these occasional 1200-1250 rmb sales, which are good to keep an eye for. 3rd party forwarding shipping could cost like 10-20 usd more, total at 200 usd its still a good deal.
  11. drwlf

    Isn't international ordering from there a hassle? Checked it out years ago that is, wondering if there's a change.
  12. peter123

    Yeah it is. If you don't speak Chinese you're pretty much forced to use a third party forwarding service which often adds so much to the cost that Aliexpress is cheaper most of the time for us Europeana and people in the US will be likely to get the same, or even lower price, in their home market.

    $10-20 for international shipping of that huge box does also seem way to low, I've paid more than $10 everytime I've bought from there several times in the past (IEM's only so much cheaper shipping). A $100 iem typically ends up costing $125-130 including international shipping and fee to the forwarding agent.
  13. drwlf

    Thanks for the clarification, still a hassle and not worth the trouble it seems. I'll pm you about something else! :p
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  14. NA Blur

    The 400i has more linear bass and a quicker response. I think the driver is even bigger bringing a little more impact into the mix.
  15. atkhan

    Yeah i feel the same. The Hifiman He400i has what i call a BigRoom or Stadium sound compared to rhe Sennheiser. Not to say you get reverb lol. No. Tight. Yes linear. And more nuetral, though I eq a bit to get a good slam.

    Pleather/Leather pads are important for those dynamics and much more resolving bass. I use velour only on Sennheiser. All else is best with non fibre pads. I'm an EDM listener btw.
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