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Hifiman HE-1000 coming

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by peterek, Dec 29, 2014.
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  1. money4me247 Contributor
    YESSSSS!!!! omg, i can totally get onboard with these type of designs.
    For the black one: try it with silver rims around the grill (optional), silver suspension system, and silver arms that connect to the earcups. I think that would look pretty slick & add accent colors.
    For the brown one: The richer brown looks so much better than the original color!! (tho I'm not the biggest fan of wooden headphones) The headband should be black & a dark rich rosy reddish-brown color wood should be used. Disregard the random pair of headphones but something like this color: http://www.cultofmac.com/217267/etz-wood-headphones-with-microphone/
    For the the red one: try it with black rims, black arms, and black suspension system.
    For the white one: YES!!! This looks amazing. That is totally my favorite. Can consider white or even grey earpads (i personally don't like grey earpads tho), but the black earpads are fine.
    Hifiman should hire you onto their design team! lol. This is exactly what I am talking about!!! Different colors would look so much better!!
    edit: @CanDude , how didja do that editing? I want to try making fun colored HE1ks!!! hahaha
  2. Angelbelow
    digging the black on black
  3. tinyman392
    I'd still go with the original design color scheme.
  4. magiccabbage
    This is by far the nicest - If it had a headband like the HD800 headband it would be near perfect. I love how it is massive its just the headband that bothers me. 
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  5. purk Contributor
    Have you bought the ticket to CES Matt?
  6. CanDude
    I can give you black + chrome:
    But I think there is too much contrast.
    I also always think of what is feasible to do. A silver rim around a black grill would add to the manufacturing cost, since I think that they are made of the same piece. To change the color of the leather (?) headband and replace the veneer with lacquered metal is doable, and should not add that much (if anything) to the cost.
    BTW Sorry for the crappy pictures, I use a program that is copyrighted in 1998... [​IMG]
    LOL, some guys think that I should work for LH Labs too... (I use to terrorize their forum with my pictures)
    How I do the editing? I create layers of the different parts (here a better program helps, depending on the picture), copy the layers, change light, contrast, colorize, combine different layers, work with opacity etc. For these pictures I have one layer for the veneer + headband, one layer for the headband reflection, one layer for the black metal and the original picture as background. To create a lot of different colors is easy, the art is to make them fit the design and also the lightning, shadows etc. in the specific picture (a calibrated monitor would help here). I have changed a lot of pictures of the Geek Pulse (since the implemented design is not quite up to par with the design that I did... IMHO), but since the first pictures where so bad they were very hard to work with. Especially since I needed to change the perspective and compensate for optical errors in cell phone cameras...
    OT, sorry...
  7. Faithless
    Jade II ??? HE560 and its early edition and modifications/revision ???
    My advice... Dont buy the first batch.
    Wait for tests and reviews. Wait for possible issues and maybe revisions.
    I wont throw my money on this model with the release version.
    Only and maybe a year after the launch.
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  8. jamato8 Contributor
    I like the all black. 
  9. money4me247 Contributor
    Nice job. Good work with the photoshopping. I wish I knew how to do that.
    I agree that particular look isn't that great. What do you think about maybe silver grill, silver arms only, black rims, black earcups, black earpads, black headband, and black suspension... and maybe silver connector piece where hifiman logo is attaching to the metal suspension & leather headband?
  10. Schopenhauer
    This one gets my vote. But I want to know where the champagne gold edition is.
  11. Ali-Pacha
  12. MattTCG
    I was hoping to catch a ride with you.
  13. CanDude
    I think that the grill and the rim are punched out of the same piece, so they need to have the same color. If you make the steel band, the ear cups (veneer) and the headband black (a tiny bit lighter this time), it looks like this:
    Still too much contrast for this design. All metal parts need to have the same color IMO. And for this big HP silver/chrome is a good choice.
    The original color scheme has three main colors: silver, light brown and black. This makes it a little bit "restless", is the main color silver or is it light wood? It’s like jewelry in mixed silver and gold. For my white variant you immediately see that it’s a light white/silver HP, with black earpads. Hence you get a more coherent impression (the same goes for the all black variant, of course). But I guess the HifiMan designer does not agree... [​IMG] Maybe they think it’s important to have some wood on an audiophile HP (even if it’s only veneer)? However I’m sure it looks really great in reality! [​IMG]
    But they really need to improve on quality for this one. My HE-560 earpads have started to rip already. My HE-6 also broke. I don’t understand how it could be profitable for HifiMan with all replacements they need to do. I guess the manufacturing cost must be really low.
  14. Audio Addict Contributor
  15. CanDude
    Sir, this is the champagne edition:
    And this is the gold edition, too tacky IMO:
    I recommend the champagne edition.
    This was the last order for tonight... [​IMG]
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