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Hifiman HE-1000 coming

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by peterek, Dec 29, 2014.
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  1. money4me247 Contributor
    Yea, it doesn't technically affect the weight distribution, but I think anything weird on the headband (protruding stitching, bumps, or holes) negatively effects the feel on the headphones on your head. A flat surface is the best (imo).
    personal opinion of course.
  2. davidsh
    I'd wish Hifiman would simply stick to designing for practicality and not spending silly money on design teams, which we (the users) end up paying for.
    Better stick to what they do well, which is the performance. Keep it simple and functional and instead pay attention to the QC.
    Goes so much better with what I perceive to be their company philosophy.
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  3. Liu Junyuan
    Relax. You saw a couple of pictures and are drawing major conclusions, even to the point where you have surrendered to the assertion that you, as the consumer, are being exploited for your money. Preemptive evaluation is preemptive (of course you might be entirely right, but I think it is too early to start feeling sorry for ourselves like others have in this post for not being able to afford a flagship).
  4. kapanak

    There are very few flagships deserving of their price, and once guaranteed to get quality and great sound for the price and the deserving of the title of flagship, many can afford them (all of the sudden, magically :p). Just because a company labels something their TOTL and gives it a 4 figure price tag doesn't automatically make it sound wonderful. Case in point, Ultrasone Edition 10 ...
  5. Liu Junyuan

    Hehe. I totally agree with you. That is why I do not believe me, as "the user." am being exploited by a company attempting to release one that may compete with other flagships. But ostensibly some think they should be priced and engineered accordingly to the sub-flagship market.
  6. bmichels
  7. Dopaminer

    Apart from the chromed yokes and using wood, and not metal or plastic, for the outer cups, I wonder what it is about these that look so impractical to you.  They look utilitarian to me, brutally so, actually.   Even the wood may somehow influence sound sig.  That headband design is obviously function-over-form. . . . 
    BTW, the holes in the head-suspension band could be for weight reduction as well as `cooling`. They could also subtley increase grip on the head, to prevent slippage.  I doubt very much anyone is going to be able to feel them with their scalp . .  
  8. CrocCap
    With he-6/500/400 people complained that they were too crudely built, heavy and uncomfortable. Now they go to great lengths to improve ergonomics, and people complain that they are going to have to pay for the improved ergo.
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  9. kensonic
    To me, the HE-1000 looks fantastic ! The design is very promising regarding "fit". (I would never buy the JPS monster, regardless of price). I have no doubt that the HE-1000 will beat the (unmodded) HE-6 regarding SQ. I sincerely hope that my Allnic and/or the Violectric will be on par with the EF-1000 :wink: ....
    Can't resist :D !!!
  10. MattTCG
    So these will be available for demo on Tuesday at CES? Or do I have this wrong?
  11. Ron12
  12. magiccabbage
    CES will be very exciting this year - lots of new goodies by the sounds of it. 
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  13. CanDude
    I have made some different color schemes for HE-1000.
    All black, too "heavy" for this design IMO:
    HE-560 style, too much "HE-560" IMO:
    A red variant for fun (but I think this one is cute):
    My favorite, white / off-white:
    The original:
    I like the white variant better than the original, it’s more classy and fits the design IMO. Instead of using wood veneer they should use lacquered metal (tin plate). This will also get rid of the "cheap" feeling of wood veneer.
  14. wuwhere Contributor
    I like the dark one with dark synthetic ostrich leather headband.
  15. Ron12
    The white variant is perfect...
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