Hifiman Edition X

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jozurr, Oct 2, 2015.
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  1. tuna47
    Does it sound better than mojo alone
  2. DarktoreS
    For me it's clear, the Alo CDM is better sound than Mojo... But the price and quality to Mojo is very good ! 
  3. doraymon
    Probably not a great contribution to this thread, but I would like to reiterate that the HEX+Hugo has been the best money spent together with my B&W CM9 speakers...
    The value for money proposition of the HEX is hard to beat at the moment. Spectacular headphones...
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  4. Kyle 491
    You consider HEX and Hugo value for money? When there are headphones like the HD650 and even Fostex TH-X00 that can easily match the HEX, if attached to a quality source and amp.
  5. tuna47
    Had the 650 no way can they match the hex imho
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  6. Carlsan

    I've heard all three and have all but the HEX. I had the HEX for a week as part of a tour. No the HEX does not compete with the HD650 or the TH-X00. The HEX has a nice big soundstage that neither of the other two can come close to. It has greater detail retrieval and more air than the two. HEX is really a special headphone.
    As for what one needs to drive it, I don't know if you need as good a portable source as the Hugo, it sounded super out of both my AK120ii and Onkyo DP-X1. It really did not sound  any better out of my home system (Bryston BHA-1 or dual Questyle CMA800 in balanced mode, Anedio D2 dac).
    Quite an impressive headphone, can't afford it at the moment or it would already be part of my collection.
  7. ubs28
    I have to disagree also with the HEX being a good value for money. It sounds very good, but not when it's priced 2 times of what I paid for the original HD 800.
    Its not hard to EQ the HD 800 into a fun sound signature with a good bass and laidback treble if that is what you are looking for. 
    I have the money, but I refuse to pay 2000 euro and 3200 euro for the HEX and HEK. 
  8. sonictransducer
    I've ordered a custom balanced cable from DHC for my HE1000, with a 2.5 mm termination so I can play it from my ALO CDM. Now I'm thinking of ordering the Edition X for use with portable devices, such as the Onkyo.  Question: will I be able to use the same cable?  And will it work in balanced mode?
  9. OctaviaeZ

    ? I'd say these are even a step up from the T1 imo, have you ever listened to the HE-X? I'd think if they dropped the price to $1,500 it would be a great value (easily prefer it to the HD800, T1, and LCD2.2)
  10. YugiRider2

    Yes, the HE-1000 uses the same cable as the Edition X. It should work in balanced mode, but I don't know enough to give you a definite answer. It will work, but may not be true "balanced".
  11. fiascogarcia
    Deleted - my remarks were not accurate.
  12. YugiRider2

    CDM has a 2.5mm balanced output.
  13. doraymon
    Absolutely agreed! I had the HD650 for years as well, not even close (imo)
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  14. bimmer100

    Thank you!
    I go nuts when someone says the hd650 or hd600 sounds the same or even similar to the hex...

    The HEX blows them away in every way. But the hd6x0 are by no means a bad headphone... Just not comparable imho.
  15. Carlsan

    The HD650's were great years ago, when they were considered high end. Now they are just a super value for their price.
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