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Hifiman Edition X

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jozurr, Oct 2, 2015.
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  1. Jozurr
    So the new Hifiman Edition X headphones have been announced and will be shown at RMAF 2015.

    Some pictures:
    Early rumours or expectations (no one has heard them yet except for Steve): Smaller soundstage, warmer, priced between HE-6 ($1,299) and the HE-1000 ($2,999).
    First impressions from RMAF:

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  2. MattTCG
    Don't flame me but this looks better than the he1000 IMO. [​IMG]  Love the fact it's lighter. Just need to see what the impressions come back like. Certainly on my radar.
  3. theblueprint
    Agreed. Looks sick. Hopefully if this sounds better than the HE6, I'm sold. They have the same color scheme, so this might be the successor.
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  4. ToroFiestaSol
    Looks gorgeous, definetely want to try that beauty!
  5. oneguy
    I think it's time to unsubscribe to the HE1000 thread and subscribe to the one. I like the look HE1000 look and I am very interested in demoing these can to see if the deserve a place next to my HE1000 and HD800.
  6. conquerator2
  7. Jozurr
    I really like the look as well. Eagerly waiting for the impressions! Hopefully someone can do an A/B with the HE-1000.
  8. joseph69
    Without a doubt, these look great!
  9. Viper2005
    I love that it has the same dark blue/purple colour as the HE6!  Looks much better than the wood on the HE1000.
  10. Oregonian

    If they only got rid of that flybridge-looking squareish hoop on top I may even consider it..............but every picture I see of the HE1K/HEX makes me chuckle.  Yes, once on your head you don't see them............I get that.  But really, they look ridiculous!  IMO of course! 
  11. MattTCG
    Oh, I don't disagree at all. Funny looking headphones don't bother me but some do have a better sense of style than others. And I do admit that I look beyond ridiculous wearing the he1000. Kinda like a kid wearing a football helmet that is too big. 
  12. kawaivpc1
    This looks a lot nicer... I agree. It's better than their previous HE1000 which looks like from 70's. 
    How much is this new unit?
    and how better does it sound? 
    3k for HE1000 is clearly not normal.... only few people on this planet will buy something like that. 
  13. FloRolf
    I kinda hope the materials used on the cup speak more quality than the one used with the he400i although it looks freaking awesome. And it's probably way outta my league right now but still :p
  14. M-13
    This looks amazing... curious about the price and details...
  15. d1sturb3d
    Interesting,looks great! Hopefully priced near he-6
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