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Hiby R6 Pro - serious upgrade to popular DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Dec 14, 2018.
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  1. Doctordoom16
    power , or lack of it was my issue w the DX200, even w amp 8 (4.4) it was nowhere near as powerful as the R6 pro. I could not drive the senn HD800s but w R6 pro, no problem. And the R6 pro has more "holographic/3d sound. IMO that is
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  2. gc335
    I think spec wise the DX200 amp 8 is pushing 1200mw/channel and the R6 Pro is at 750mw channel. I could be mistaken.
  3. Doctordoom16
    Not sure about that. Specs or not there is no way the dx200 is pushing out more power to headphones
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  4. gc335
    That’s impressive!
  5. gazzington
    They are both excellent daps.
  6. Dobrescu George
    I haven't heard R6Pro, but DX200 pushes considerably more power than the original R6, with the right choice of AMP modules
  7. Doctordoom16
    With amp8 the dx200;does push out more than original R6, the .pro doubles up on original r6:power. The dx200 could not adequately push enough power to my sen 800s, r6 pro has no problem w some headroom left over .
    Ibasso was a good dap, I liked the mango os if you wanted clean non Android and also dual boot to Android when needed.
    The os was sluggish though. And the design a little clunky in my opinion. R6 pro w it's smooth edges is more refined. Not Sony refined, but better than most Chinese daps. All a matter of taste though.
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  8. davidmolliere
    Well I can tell you the R6 Pro has power alright, maybe just as much as AMP8 balanced, that says something...
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  9. Devodonaldson
    The only issue I'm having with these DAP comparisons..isn't it affect that all these other Android DAPs besides the Hibys are wxpwrioexper resampling via Android for apps like Tidal etc., So all the hires audio ends up at 16/48? So even going through the Android audio stack,which does affect the overall tonality, these DAPs are still sounding good?
  10. newtophones07
    the DX200 routs audio properly (including Tidal) through the ESS DAC, and has since it was released two years ago.
  11. fokta
    wow... what a BOLD statement....
    really make me wonder how R6pro....
  12. deja-vu
    After sending back the iBasso Dx120 for poor and bouncing keys and the Shanling M5s sounding a bit weak/thin for my taste, I have now come to the Hiby R6 Pro.
    This unit also has enough power reserves to run my HD800. Unlike the above players, it offers the opportunity to search in the music collection.

    Is someone so friendly to tell me from his own experience, how the R6 Pro compares to the DX120 or M5s sonically ?
  13. Dobrescu George
    Wel that is interesting. Curiopus to hear R6Pro myself in this situation, I am a power junkie :)

    Super cool :)

    DX200 was my to-go DAP for power and really-hard-to-drive so far :)
  14. SciOC
    Compared to the m5s from memory, the r6pro is more neutral. I found the m5s to be warm, while this is just ever so slightly on the warm side but much more neutral. If you use MSEB and eq and any Android features, this is a much more capable DAP. In the sound, Soundstage is where the difference really is, this is definitely airier than the m5s.

    I didn't find the m5s to be thin myself... To my ears, timbre is good on this and not thin.
  15. Nayparm
    Also if you use EQ the M5s has a poor implementation. Shanling are meant to be fixing this but I got fed up of waiting and sold mine on.
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