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Hiby R6 Pro - serious upgrade to popular DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Dec 14, 2018.
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  1. justrest
    I think it is not officially released yet.
  2. Tsukuyomi
    i know, i just want to know for when it gets released, i can grab one :p
  3. superuser1
    i just dont get this this method of marketing. I mean if someone needs a DAP and they have no concrete info on release date, i reckon they would go elsewhere.
  4. justrest
    I'm also looking to get one. Hope they will release soon.
    Tsukuyomi likes this.
  5. smallcaps
    Money. Burning. In. Pocket. Must. Resist. Building. Custom. Keyboard. For. R6. Pro.
  6. zikarus
    Wondering a bit about the specs of the Pro in comparison to the R6.

    Crosstalk single ended is lower on the Pro (68db vs. > 77db).

    Even worse seems the THD + Noise indication for the Pro being 3x as high as on the R6 (0,0025 single ended for the Pro vs. 0,0008 for the R6).

    Would that not affect sound quality?
  7. Trapok
  8. egotrip

    This is probably a result of lowering the output impedence witch have been a hot potato on the R6.
    I think that the increased THD would not be noticable at normal listening levels,
    Maybe someone with a greater understanding of these numbers could chime in?
  9. justrest
    Wow, R6 Pro almost 2 times powerful than the regular R6.
  10. egotrip
    Yes, that is one of the things that sold me too. Waiting impatiently on an update for a release date. Hoping for a release at Christmas, but I am afraid that it will be later.
    justrest likes this.
  11. justrest
    Yes, I think they will release first or second weeks of Jan.
  12. milesjunkie
    Ask yourself if you really need the extra power? I can tell you right now that the regular R6 drove my HD650 in single ended with excellent authority at even medium volume settings. If you don’t need the 4.4mm balanced option, save yourself what’s likely to be around 300 bucks (Pro minus R6) and buy 15 DSD downloads from Acoustic Sounds!
    justrest likes this.
  13. justrest
    You are right. Differences between both models are minor and power is not an issue. Let me see the retail price than I'll decide.
  14. egotrip
    I don't need the power right now, but I am planning on getting another headsets in the future, and want to be "future proof". And I feel that the sound is roomier and more controlled with more overhead, when not pushed closer to max.
  15. milesjunkie
    I would say a more obvious way to be future proof is a DX150/200 where ibasso is continually realeasing new amp modules, the latest of which incorporates tubes.

    I personally see the R6 Pro as solving 2 issues (high UI and lack of 4.4mm balanced) but at the cost of alienating a large slice of original backers. The higher power in the Pro seems to me a sop to portray extra value in a player where extra power is wholly unnecessary.

    I anticipate sales will be slow because of this low perceived extra value. The resulting drop in price of the R6 will be good news for anyone wanting a stunning player at a great price.
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