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Hi my name is David and I have an addiction problem.

  1. debitsohn
    I keep buying things.  Amps and headphones. I cant stop. Yes i do sell some too but... i cant stop buying.... does anyone share my addiction?
  2. Uncle Erik Contributor
    You've barely scratched the surface.  Wait until you get into tubes and vinyl.
  3. debitsohn
    went through a lil bit of tubes iwth the MKII and WA6. actually bougth some for the little bravo amp... but come on, i cant expect that thing to sound great... sound okay maybe.
    i will stay away from vinyl. stop talking about vinyl. lol
  4. logwed
    I'd like to think that I'm done for quite some time once my DPS arrives for my Gilmore Lite, because then I'll have arrived at a killer mid-fi rig. Maybe I'll pick up a k701 for a change... We'll see.
  5. debitsohn
    mid-fi... i was there for a little bit... jk i guess when you put it into perspective, most systems are mid-fi compared to some of them out there.  I have both a t50p and a esw9a coming but im not sure ill like either. i might sell them to recoop buying the Toucan and a balanced HD650.
  6. krmathis Contributor
    Go, go, go! You know you want more.... :p
  7. TheWuss
    um...  nah.
    i don't spend any money on head-fi.  [​IMG]
  8. debitsohn
    I can tell by both your signatures that headfi has not hurt your wallets.
  9. Rip N' Burn
    Just wondering when all of the pill pushing companies are going to jump on board and create a designer drug just for this type of addiction? Or maybe they already have? I could use a few of those pills myself!
  10. debitsohn
    just pop a pill and get the new equipment excitement feel?  dont give someone the idea... we'll all be broke with no real equipment!
  11. Rip N' Burn
    Truth be told[​IMG]

  12. jilgiljongiljing
    Take it slow, if you get in, there is no getting out unless you suddenly lose interest or find another hobby that interests you even more. But getting in doesnt mean constant upgrades and purchases, make informed decisions, enjoy your gear for a while, then look at the next step.
    I for one always go in phases, if I chose to change headphones, I'll wait a bit for the amp, and then the DAC, and then cables, and then maybe back to headphones. I never buy two components at the same time, this keeps things interesting at every stage and also gives you room to breathe in the middle financially.
  13. boomana
    I've bought a decent amount of gear, and at one time had way too many headphones, amps, sources, etc.  Much of that was the learning process and needing to own gear for awhile at home before I could get of sense of its qualities as well as a sense what I liked and what I felt was lacking.  At some point about a year ago, I hit the "good enough" level, and decided on a main home rig, an office rig, a computer rig, and a portable rig, and sold the rest.  I have one thing on order, and I may pick up something down the line if it really interests me, but once I found the sound I was looking for, the desire to buy and try just disappeared. 
  14. sanakaku
    I rather have an upgrading addiction on desktop/ laptop, the difference i noticed on headphone addiction is once i own the headphones that i want i want to upgrade for more. Its different than a laptop right now I'm using my m15x and I'm quite happy with it but with my headphones. i cannot stop at all I'm looking for a closed 500-800$ headphones but right now i am also interested with the HE5/LE which is ortho and quite open and not the one im looking for, i also just bought a new tube amp here its like craving for something every day every minute.. every second .. ohh lawdy when will this stop
  15. Audiofillet
    I hear ya!
    It seems like a never-ending journey to audio nirvana

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