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Help with choosing

  1. musicalychallenged
    Hello Everyone today my family had a discussion about the cellphones we have and when we are going to go and get new ones.
    I personally like the Iphone 6 when i got it a couple of years back, but to this day my new Samsung galaxy s7 edge is just absolute garbage most of the times, and it has a ram problem where i have to keep clearing the system and hoping i can browse the web all day or for most of the day.

    The thing im looking for is a GOOD OR GREAT cellphone ( smart ) that has built in DAC like the LG v10-30 but i also want it to have an OLED screen not AMOLED or P-OLED which is now almost all phone.
    I have been looking at the Sony Xperia XZ3 which comes out soon and i think it would be good for me it has an LDAC which is kind of meh to me but they have taken the 3.5mm jack off, so it will only be USB type C connection. and that right there really makes me think twice about it. i do plan on getting something like the HI-Diz

    Sonata HD DAC Cable II
    or so.
    other phones i have looked at are the LG V10-30 which offer the DAC but not the best screen.
    I have been recommended the ONEPLUS 6 but i haven't researched much on that one yet.

    The Galaxy S9 and note 9 are other ones that interest me and seem to have decent sound and a good screen but im kinda trying to stay away from Samsung and iPhone as i haven't a great experience with these phones.

    Im really interested in knowing what others would recommend or would be able to add on to this as maybe a reason to why i should go with one over the other.
    I hope to get some good Feed on this post

    Thank you For Reading : ")
  2. HBen
    I unfortunately cannot offer much helpful advice - but have a question myself ...

    What was the reason that you decided to color your post in 8 different color codes? Possible admiration of "little pony" kind of came to my mind ...

    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
    armink likes this.

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