samsung galaxy s9+
  1. musicalychallenged

    Help with choosing

    Hello Everyone today my family had a discussion about the cellphones we have and when we are going to go and get new ones. I personally like the Iphone 6 when i got it a couple of years back, but to this day my new Samsung galaxy s7 edge is just absolute garbage most of the times, and it has a...
  2. S

    Seeking Help with USB Audio on Samsung Devices

    Having some difficulty with USB Audio on a Samsung S9+. I am using it with a Topping NX4 DSD and a Ray Samuels Predator. Both devices work perfectly well on Windows 10 devices and my LG V20. The Samsung S9+ will usually perform a proper handshake with the NX4 only if I reboot or repower it with...