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Headphones with hearing aids

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by darkslime, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. darkslime
    So I have mild hearing loss and wear behind the ear hearing aids. The majority of over the ear headphones make my hearing aids have feedback, and in the ear headphones I have to take the hearing aids out and worry about losing them.
    Does anyone have suggestions of a pair of high end over the ear headphones that wouldn't give my hearing aids feedback? I tried Beats Studio at Best Buy and they didn't but am looking for a better alternative.
  2. JPresz
    whats your budget? also, do you have/plan on having an amp?
  3. darkslime
    my budget is around $300, preferably less. and what do you mean by an amp?
  4. Proglover
    depending on what kind of headphones you buy, the headphones may need a (headphone)amplifier to drive them. Could be handy if you state your source (ipod, receiver, p.c. or whatever you plan to use for listening to the headphones)
    I hope someone with experience with hearing aids and high end headphones comes along at this topic. This is a tough one, whether they make the aid have feedback
  5. bbophead

    O.K., I'll bite.  I have aids, too.  I was O.K. with my Grado 325is until my audiologist turned up the right one to quickly try and eliminate the processing I was hearing.  Do you have a music program where the audiologist can turn off the compression?  I do, but it can be tricky.  I insist that mid-high frequencies be pure ie a straight tone like a piano note should be a straight tone and not have any audible artifacts.  Maybe your program for music is turned up a little too loudly.  
  6. darkslime
    I don't think its the program for music turned up loudly, its that when I put the headphones on it covers up the top of the hearing aid and makes it give out feedback because its essentially a microphone.
  7. bbophead


    I understand.  I have the G-Cush on my 325is and they cover the entire ear.  I don't get feedback when the aids are properly adjusted.
  8. fastputt
    I am 68 years old and bought my hearing aids from Costco about 4 years ago and gave up listening to classical music years before due to my hearing loss. Missing my wonderfull music, I finally took up the challenge and ended up with a pair of HD800s. Yes, these are expensive, but I did what I fealt was necessary to regain as much as I could when it comes to serious music listening. Speakers never worked well because of the room reverberations, etc.. So I was either going to make headphones work or else. I chose the HD800s because there are very comfortable and allow me to wear my 'behind the ear' hearing aids along with the headphones. Yes, initially I did have some feedback because of the presence of the headphones, and once I turned down the gain on each hearing aid and set it to the 'music' position, I was finally making the progress I was hoping for! I am now able to once again enjoy my music in a way that no other solution offered. I have experimented everyway possible with my hearing aids and I quickly learned that no matter how good the HD800s were; I needed the corrective response programed into the hearing aids in order to even begin to hear the mids and highs that I used to enjoy. Yes, I suppose this is a compromise of sorts and if I were able to find the perfect equalizer, I could probably achieve what my hearing aids are already set up to do. So the bottom line for me was stick with it, don't give up and be patient while you learn how to best achieve the sound you are looking for.  The HD800s gave me the room inside for both my ear and hearing aids to operate as though there was nothing around them. The feedback issue was easily conquered by reducing the gain just to the point where there wasn't any feedback and then I could turn up the headphone volume as loud as I wanted without any discomfort and once again enjoy a fantastic accoustic experience. Good luck and don't give up.
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  9. ford2
    You made my day,good on you mate.
  10. dontuck
    I have severe high frequency loss, and I wear Siemens behind the ear open fit aids.  I have been a pro musician for almost 50 years.  I do some recording at home, and I use over the ear headphones.  Yes, they do cause feedbadk in the hearing aids unless they are properly placed so that the microphones on the hearing aids are sightly outside of the headphone cups. It takes some experientation to find the right position for your particular aids and ears.
    I recently tried out a pair of Bose AE-2 headphones at a local Target store.  To my astonishment they did not feed back at all, and the sound was crisp and clear.  The earcups are smaller than the Sony MDR-600 closed ear phones I've been using, so they do not completely cover the microphones on the aids.  I also tried the Bose OE-2 headphones.  They did not do well.  There was no feedback because the microphones on the aids were not enclosed by the smaller pads.  BUT, since I didn't get any of the benefit of my hearing aids, the sound was very muffled and bass heavy.  I am going to go for the AE-2's. 
    Good luck!!
  11. teb1013
    I wear two Siemens behind the ear hearing aides. I find that most over ear headphones including my recently acquired HD 558s tend to push the reset buttons on the back of the phones. I generally take the aides out and increase the volume on my headphone amp a little. 
  12. acousticranger
    I'm posting this with a pair of Turtle beach x11's (that I'm not impressed with) on my head and Resound Forza hearing aids on... they don't feed back... however, when I look at OTE headphones I always look for a pair that has an elongated / oval cup so that the HA can be enclosed without the cup sitting right on top of the HA. Good luck.  I'll play around at the store some time and see if I can make a pair feed back.  Much of the problem may lay in the HA's feedback reduction... though, mine are horrible for feedback on pure tones but don't while I have the headphones on. 
  13. wrad
    Hi! Father-in-law needs some assist hearing his cellular-telephone. Contemplating buying him a quality amplifier (Fiio E-11) and headphones. And a directional-microphone to mount on the headband for his television-receiver. Anybody ever try anything like this?
  14. acousticranger
    Before you go to that effort try some ear buds / IEMs with the stock phone.  most phones can push a set of ear buds hard enough to get louder than they need to be for those who can still benefit from hearing aids.  I use an android phone and use the build in equalizer in cyanogenmod to boost the areas where I have hearing loss.  it's NOT lossless quality but it IS just fine for a cell phone that has pretty poor sound quality to begin with. 
  15. HowardHarkness
    I have come up with a solution for not losing the hearing aids. I bought a bunch of semi-hard zippered cases from Amazon that fit in my pocket, similar to http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00SFEB3LI but a bit cheaper. I would guess that if you search around on Amazon, you would find a suitable sized one for about $2-$3. I think the ones I got were are $2, and I bought 10 of them. They last me about 4-6 months, and I'm down to my next-to-last one now, so it's been a couple of years.
    I keep my hearing aids (when I'm not using them), some spare batteries, and a set of foam earplugs in them. Since that's now an every-day-carry item, I always have a spare set of batteries on me.
    As for the headphone problem, I've found that the cheapie on-the-ear headphones (picked some up at Big Lots for $5) work ok. I just wear them so that the earpads are over the hearing aids, not my ears. Works ok, but I sure would like to find a more comfortable solution. I have Resound BTE hearing aids, and they make a remote mic + line-in adapter, but it's over $300, so I have not gone that route yet. Especially since it's about $25 worth of electronics, and I'm not keen on getting gouged.

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