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Headphones sub-$400 for Dubstep/EDM/Electro?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gmoney9438, Dec 24, 2012.
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  1. gmoney9438
    Hi guys,
    I'm new to this forum and also new to the audiophile world. I mostly listen to electronic/dubstep/edm stuff (85% of my playlist), and some piano and classical tracks (15%). I'm willing to put down less than $400 for new headphones, because I believe the best way to listen to music is to have a good set of headphones to transfer that beautiful sound to your head. This being said, financial limitations stop me from getting the best gear ($500+ equipment). So I'll just have to compromise.
    Phones I've thought about...
    Ultrasone 780's: I've owned these for less than a month and still burning them in. and I've got to say, they're really good. I love them to death, but they lack the necessary bass for the    genres I listen to. Clear as hell though. True, I'm looking for more bass, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to sacrifice clarity.
    Ultrasone Pro 900: Heard a lot of mixed reviews about these, and so I take reviews and criticism as complete subjectivity. Long burn in, too much emphasis on highs, recessed mids, all that stuff. They also say the bass is extremely well defined (one of the things I'm looking for in a pair of cans) and that they are made for the genres I've mentioned.
    Denon AH-D2000: I've heard a lot of good things about these guys, but I can't find a pair that are less than $400. They say these are one of the most well-balanced cans out there. I've also heard people mention their slow response to fast beats, which are heard in most dubstep tracks. Owners of Denons, you mind sharing your opinion about these? I've thought long and hard about these cans.
    Things I look for:
    Good Detail and Clarity
    Tight and well-defined bass
    no more than $400
    good for EDM/house/electro/dubstep/classical
    Well, I hope I'm not asking for too much in a sub-$400 pair of cans haha. Open to better suggestions too.
  2. Aaron1006
    I would also consider HE400's, I hear they are good for some of those genres you mentioned.I have them, but don't personally listen to those genres so I wouldn't really know haha, but I've heard others talk about it.
  3. gmoney9438
    They look pretty damn sexy. Not gonna lie. How do they sound though, on what you listen to?
  4. gmoney9438
    Does anyone recommend the Denon AH-D1100's?
  5. UCLA 15
    V Moda M100
  6. h4mm3r 0f th0r
    get the d2000s or the he400... i just love the sub-bass of the d2ks.... the best in this price range, hands down...
  7. gmoney9438
    Where can I get my hands on Denons for under 400? Are they  good for the EDM/dubstep/electro/classical?
  8. jerg Contributor
    He's looking for closed headphones guys, HE400s are great but are irrelevant here.
  9. gmoney9438
    oh yeah almost forgot about that. thanks for pointing that out lol.
  10. esuhgb
    I have the d2k's and listen to trance, mostly vocal trance. They are really good in the bass region (sub bass) and treble, a bit sibilant at times, but nothing to bad for me atleast. Dowsinde is mids are a bit recessed so vocals and synths sound a bit distant. They are very fun cans. Since your looking for closed cans, not sure how important are isolation and sound leakage. If very, sadly the d2k's suck in that regard. Dont isolate well at all and leak a lot for closed cans.
  11. Aaron1006
    Skimming leads to bad advice, take it from me :p.
  12. gmoney9438
    Really considering the Denons guys. Can't find a pair for under 400 though. Cheapest one on amazon is 527 dollars. I cant afford that.
    EDIT: Ultrasone Pro 900's are on sale for $295. Are they any good?
  13. rezel
    Auuuuuuuuu... I've auditioned the D2000 and had the Pro 900 as my primary set of cans for the over a year. IMHO for purely EDM music, the Pro 900 wins hands down (which is kinda why I chose it over the D2000). Some find the 'brightness' unbearable but after the first 2~4 weeks, you barely even notice it.
    I urge you reconsider.
  14. esuhgb
    since the denons are now discontinued, best bet is to get a used pair, will be much cheaper. Could always check the for sale section.
  15. Parall3l
    PRO900s are a love or hate headphone. They benefit from amping but not a whole lot. The treble can be piercing for some, and the placement of the headphone affects the sound a lot too.
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