1. S

    To anyone here who has a Sony Walkman player, new or old: please consider taking pictures of it to help out Wikipedia!

    Hello all. I joined yesterday after being a long-time lurker. This forum has had a lot of new and old topics about older DAPs! Anyway I just have a humble request to the community here. I recently saw how badly documented Sony Walkman music players are. I think because of the model numbers that...
  2. Double-A

    Who manufactures good iphone lens attachments?

    The title of the thread says it all. Thank you folks!
  3. Double-A

    Anybody here into analogue photography?

    I've never owned a real camera a day in my life, so forgive me if any of the terms used in this post are not correct. I've recently been thinking that trying photography might be fun. Rather than learning how to use a digital camera though, I think I'd like to learn how to use an analogue...
  4. dissembled

    Photography VS Music (and $500.)

    Choices: Kenwood HD30GB9 I've decided to pass out on building a home setup. I want portability and feel that a home setup will restrict me to one corner of the house. Not being able to attain audio nirvana wherever I go. That thought depresses me. A lot. Smartest alternatives...
  5. jude

    HDR photography

    I'm interested in this. I know I should be learning the fundamentals of photography, what with having just gotten into it a matter of a few weeks ago or so, but I saw references to "HDR" on a photography site, had no idea what it was, looked it up (thought some of the HDR photos I saw looked...
  6. MuZI


    So recently I just bought a D40 and have started taking pictures. Who else here is into photography and what type of gear do you use?
  7. wonderwall

    Getting into photography

    I constantly find myself in a situation thinking "Gosh, I wish I could take a picture of that and capture it forever". At times I've tried, with a digital snapshot camera or with my cell-phone. The results are never satisfactory, especially if it's of the sky or the forest or anything far away...
  8. eric343

    Nature photography

    Took a few digital photos at a very cool park in Seattle... what do you guys think?
  9. XxATOLxX

    Post your Photography Here!

    I noticed that a good number of us at Head-Fi are into photography with a couple photography threads popping up every here and there. So like the title says: post your shots that you have taken! I started a couple months ago and recently got a D50. I haven't really gotten a chance to go...
  10. Mrvile

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Post Your Photography Here! This is a continuation of the first Post Your Photography thread. The original 89-page thread has gotten a bit long, and I wanted to impose a few new rules to keep the thread pages from getting out of hand. Anyone is welcome to show off their own photogaphy; I...
  11. gmoney9438

    Headphones sub-$400 for Dubstep/EDM/Electro?

    Hi guys,   I'm new to this forum and also new to the audiophile world. I mostly listen to electronic/dubstep/edm stuff (85% of my playlist), and some piano and classical tracks (15%). I'm willing to put down less than $400 for new headphones, because I believe the best way to listen to music...