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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levap, Apr 21, 2014.
  1. shuto77
    Hmmm... Those definitely look like a rebrand of the RBH HP-2, but I don't know if they messed with the tuning. I'm not sure if adding Bluetooth would have an effect.

    I'm not aware of any other headphones at that price use Beryllium drivers, so they have to be.

    If it's a simple rebrand, then it's a great deal.
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  2. King CATalyst
    Afo sounds great with every metal sub genre that I've listened to. Are there hps better for each specific type of metal? Of course, but afo is a great all rounder. I doubt you'd be disappointed with them.
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  3. s2kPanda
    You can find the comparisons of the headphones to the RBH-HP2 in it's thread https://www.head-fi.org/threads/rbh-hp-2-ultralight-beryllium-headphones.789653/
    Here's the model from their website. I don't know why they didn't give it an actual name. https://mo-electronics.com/beryllium-acoustic.html
    They were also at CanJam last year and supposedly were a hidden gem tucked away in some corner. Basically, any RBH-HP2 review out there pertains to these headphones and the company claims that the drivers were re-tuned and are an actual updated version of the drivers that the RBH-HP2 uses but others that have heard both have said there is virtually no difference between the two.

    As someone who has a pair, I can say the bass is very fun and engaging on these and comparable to the TH-X00 which in my opinion has a more clinical bass to them that sounds more exact. From my own experience, the bass does not bleed into the mids or highs and these are really speedy high resolution headphones for being dynamics. Mids and highs have really great clarity as well. This review really hits the mark on how I feel about these headphones. https://headfonics.com/2017/05/the-hp-2-by-rbh-sound/
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  4. King CATalyst
    Sorry forgot to ad quote to last msg
  5. Nyerk
    My main concern with the LCD2C is that I might find them a bit too warm and lush.

    Comfort is also quite important for me, which I think would be far from ideal with the HE-500.

    Well I'd use the headphone for more than the sub genres I listed, but that's my main list. But like mentioned, I do have some concerns with the AFO, compared to the Focal Clear.

    Thanks for all the input!
  6. Hansotek
    Half the headphones on the market seem to get compared to the HD650 at one point or another. AFO is more fun, bassy and extended down low, and a little more relaxed in the upper mids relative to the 650. Clear will be a level up in depth layering and detail relative to AFO, and how much of that you will be able to hear will depend on your amp and DAC. All three of those headphones are fantastic, BTW, all great all-rounders that sound good with just about anything.
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  7. Hansotek
    LCD-2C is also extremely heavy, since you mentioned comfort as a concern. FWIW, I’m not a big fan of that headphone.
  8. Hansotek
    They might be a rebrand, or they both might just be a design licensed from some behind-the-scenes OEM.
  9. JediMa70
    thank's a lot , it makes sense and a very useful lesson :)
    it's a shame that's so hard to find AKG 240 sexteet and Philips SHP9500S , they are both so good sidegrade for Metal but in italy is like to search for the Holy Grail..
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  10. Johnny1982xyz
    It seems to be not so popolar here , but actually my best choice for metal il the denon ah d7200...

    If you look for punch ... well ... You will have a lot... I didn't listened to afo yet so i cant make comparisons. But I think it is really hard to not like the denon on metal listening... It is also quite easy to drive...
  11. Mcgeggy
    The M&O version are apparently the only option for awhile, according to email response from I got from RBH on when theirs would be available again:

    Right now it isn't clear on whether we will be simply restocking or redesigning. Either way, we likely won't have inventory until summer this year. I'll put you on my list to receive an update when we have one.
    Jayce Walker

  12. Monsterzero
    They come up on eBay quite often and are worth the trouble IMHO.
    Theres also a pair of the mid production(my favorite sextett) for sale in the FS/T section of Head-Fi.Might be worth asking seller if he will ship to Italy.

    *Note:Sextetts need a pretty strong amp.
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  13. Nyerk
    But do you think the Clear has the kind of speed I'm looking for? Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I have the NAD M51 DAC, and ifi ican pro amp. I sure hope this setup is enough to do the Clears justice, not really looking to change it any time soon.

    I'd question if the drivers have the speed I'm looking for, but will keep it in mind if I find myself needing a pair of closed cans.

    Thanks again!
  14. s2kPanda
    Maybe find a place to test out headphones cause we can't really pinpoint your tastes. If you want something with speed, clarity and resolution overall, look into getting a used pair of the Hifiman Edition X. Honestly the Clears are in over the top diva FOTM mode at the moment and that'll eventually die down. They are speedy at detail reproduction but probably won't have what you are looking for especially in this genre of music.
  15. Hansotek
    Hifiman Edition X? Is that a joke? The Clear is FAR superior to those.
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