Headphones for metal music - ultimate solution

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levap, Apr 21, 2014.
  1. ibage
    Since this is the metal thread, I assume they do well for most genres of metal? And rock for that matter
  2. Monsterzero
    Its excellent for rock and metal,but it can be too warm for older warm recordings(Led Zeppelin for example)
  3. King CATalyst
    I personally don't care much for them with rock, I prefer a more v shape sound for rock though.
  4. Hansotek
    Yes, the Atticus has been super popular in this thread for a while now. It’s a certified winner for metal and rock genres. It’s thick and impactful with tons of body and it has a pretty forgiving sound signature for those who like to crank it up. The sort of “house sound” of the ZMF dynamic drivers synergizes really well with rock and metal as Eikon and Auteur are great as well.
  5. shuto77
    I may grab a secondhand TH-X00 to tide me over; the RBH HP-2 isn't cutting it for me, and I have comfort issues with the iSine 20.

    How much different do the Purple Hearts and Mahogany sound, especially for metal (and gaming, if anyone has any impressions)? I've read that the Mahogany is faster and has a wider sound stage, but that the Purple Heart goes a bit deeper. With that said, I'm thinking the Mahogany is a better fit for me.

    Any suggestions, @Hansotek? I know you're a bit of a Fostex aficionado.
  6. Hansotek
    I haven’t compared all of those. I owned the mahogany for a little bit. I do like them better with replacement pads. I like the Ori pads and I’ve heard the Dekoni pads are awesome. The Emu Teak is nice as well - those guys make awesome cups. I also think the TH-610 sounds great and is pretty underrated in case you run across one for cheap.
  7. shuto77
    Yeah, the permutations of those things are endless!

    The best I heard were my E-Mu Teak w/ Ori pads. I've read that Dekoni made sheepskin pads tuned specifically for the THX00 that are both the most even from FR perspective, and super comfortable. If I go the the Fostex route, I'm definitely going to try out those pads. From what I've read, Dekoni pads usually don't alter the sound of headphones tremendously. Those folks seem to do a really good job with those.
  8. s2kPanda
    I know
    Have you tried EQing the RBH-HP2? They really bring some serious energy and come to life after a little bit of EQ.
  9. JediMa70
    I had the chance to test for few days from a friend the ATH M50X .. they sound quite well and they make the highs of master of puppets less sharp, I like the bass level (not excessive) and when I use them with Darkvoice they sound also with a better soundstage.. I wonder why few posts here say that are not competitive anymore.. I was also considering to go over budget (250 euros) and buy the Meze 99 Neo but beside nice comments here, I've read extremely disappointing reviews.. can you help me here?
  10. JuanCamiloso
    Well, the Meze 99 is hands down better than the M50X
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  11. JediMa70
    that was my guess too but are them worth the over price? M50x cost 139 euros, meze 250
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  12. shuto77
    It'll be easier for us to help you if we understand what you don't like about your current headphones. All these budget options you're asking about are subjectively (and probably objectively) inferior to what you have already.
  13. JediMa70
    My bad english doesnt help too .. (i'm italian)
    I'm more looking for a "sidegrade" than an upgrade to fill the gap in my set.
    Well none of the ones i own, is actually "funny" and none of them have really good bass, for example with the 50X I got here now I have a better listening of metal than with my other ones.
    And all of them struggle without an amp too so i'm 100% bound to home listening
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  14. Tarikara
    I just got a fiio x7II and a pair of Oppo-PM1.
    The PM1 is my first cans in that price range, so I had quite big expectations, maybe too big. I chose them because of the great reviews and because I listen to both classical music and metal, so I needed something that would fit both. Right now I think that I'l return them.

    In my honest opinion they are incredibly bland. There are no depth, no colour and no clarity to the music at all.
    The detail level is fine, and especially female voices and female choir are beautiful. But as soon as several instruments are playing, its just boring to listen to.

    I don't know all the technical terms yet, but listening to them feels like I'm falling asleep covered in a warm cozy blanket. That's not good when I'm looking to be dragged into a sea of intense emotions, carried through stories and thoughts where every detail in every instrument is clear and energetic and comes together balanced but with intensity.

    On top of that vocals and guitars using certain styles get a almost metallic sound (in a not good, artificial way). I could probably learn to live with that, but not with the lack of "soul/spirit" across genres.

    I've read that a better amp and a silver cable should help, but that would be almost double up on the price, so for now that is out of the question.

    I (mostly) listen to power, black, melodic death, folk, heavy, prog and classical music.

    Hamferd, Batushka, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Wintersun, Arcturus, Manowar, Sabaton, Huldre to name a few.

    Do you have any advice in what direction I should look instead of the PM1?
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  15. Hansotek
    You should look at the ZMF Auteur instead, IMO. If that’s way over budget then the MrSpeakers ÆON Flow Open (or Closed) is also a killer pick for about half the price. AFO won’t have the staging or detail of an Auteur, but it will be more engaging than a PM1.

    I’d also maybe consider a different DAP or amp/DAC section. From your description, it sounds like a lot of it goes wrong for you here. A lot of the characteristics you describe here are subtleties I would ascribe to a DAC and/or an amp:

    - “falling asleep under a warm blanket”, as you say is likely a damping issue. The attack is rounded and the decay is slow. The root cause of this can be one of several things, but it is often an issue of current availability with the amp. When this comes up short, it can flatten the dynamics by causing the driver not to react as abruptly as it is supposed to, leaving a sort of layer of “grey” over the sound. It can also come from excessive vibration from the headphone housing. In the case of the Oppo and the Fiio being paired together, it is probably both.

    -When you say, “lack of color and depth” I think you are actually talking about detail. I don’t know what you mean when you say “detail” if you’re talking about little pops and strings sliding on guitars, that is called clarity. If you’re talking about the distinction between individual instruments in the mix, that is called separation. Many people confuse these three things. To me, when I hear you talking about “lack of color and depth” and instruments having a “metallic hue” that’s an issue of you not liking your DAC, because these are the same words I would use to describe a Sabre DAC, which is what the Fiio employs.There are really only a couple people who really know how to do those right. My gut tells me you’d probably enjoy the iFi Micro iDSD Black Label more for something in that price range. If you want an all-in-one DAP, maybe an Acoustic Research M2 or an A&K Kann. Maybe even a Sony WM1A, if it’s within budget.

    - The “lack of soul/spirit” is what happens when you compound the two aforementioned issues. IMO, you’re going to have to address the whole system to get the results you want.
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