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headphones for metal guitarist

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hypo, Jul 12, 2012.
  1. hypo
    My Husband plays guitar in a metal band and has never owned anything but cheap earbuds.  He has often mentioned buying a good pair of headphones but always ends up spending the money on some other equipment.  So his birthday is coming up and I thought I'd pick him up a pair....
    ...I had no idea what I was getting into.  Selecting a pair has not been easy.
    He plays music in a style similar to King Diamond or Black Sabbath.  He would be using them mostly at home with his amps or maybe at band practice.  He plays with pretty powerful equipment so I powering the headphones shouldn't be a problem, although it would be nice if he could use them with the computer as well.
    I've been reading A LOT of different threads on this site that have been extremely helpful and I think I have it narrowed down to three:
    AKG K240MKII
    alessandro ms1i
    grado sr80i
    I think I'm leaning toward the AKG's since they seem the most versatile for a first pair and from what I've read have a good sound for this kind of music.
    I'm just looking for any final advise before I make the purchase to make sure I'm not WAY off track or anything.
  2. Errymoose
    If he's using them as  monitors during band practice, he probably wants something closed back to block some of the external noise...
    The Allessandro/Grado leak -everything-.
    Maybe something like a ATH-M50? or SRH840/940?
  3. BrownBear
    This I agree with, about the closed part. Whenever I play bass with recordings closed headphones are always the ones I choose. The K240 on your list is one I would recommend since I liked the K240, but if you want closed cans maybe take a look at the Audio-Technica ATH-A900 as well. Not sure what your budget is.
  4. hypo
    Thanks for the feedback.  Currently he doesn't use headphones while playing with the band, only when playing at home.  I was just speculating things he might use them for if he had a good pair.  So I'm not sure if sound leakage is a big deal or not.  I'll look into some of the closed cans you recommended.  The K240 say they are "semi-closed."  How much do those leak?
  5. BrownBear
    It's kind of hard to say exactly how much they will leak. Leakage really matters with regards to where he'll be using them, and if there is a threat of disturbance to people that might be around him at the time.
    Also, on the other hand, if they're semi open or open, they will let sound in. So there isn't much (if any) isolation from outside sounds. There might be a bit more isolation in a semi-open can than a fully open can, but not a large amount, at least with my experiences.

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