1. L

    Closed headphone advice?

    I am looking for a good pair of headphones. I have almost no experience what so ever. The only headphones worth noting that I have had before are Astro A30's and they're more of a headset anyway.   I need them to be closed, as I would occasionally be using them in loud environments (such as...
  2. wingking06

    Velour Pads for ATH-A900?

    Does anyone out there know where i can find Velour Pads for my audio technicas? Please Help me these pleather ones need to be upgraded seriously.
  3. Primetime86

    The concept of soundstage is so overblown it starts to get a bit inaccurate when people recommend based on soundstage size.

    From lurking on forums, I have always seen soundstage as a feature in recommendations. I believe it is very unfair, A recent comment that stood out was "The k701 soundstage is huge" I own the K702 and many other headphones and the sense of soundstage is maybe  2-3cm more than say my mrspeakers...
  4. xShishy

    Need advice for new headphones.

    Hi everyone,   My ATH A700s recently broke (although they lasted 6+ years). They've served me well but I'm looking to buy new headphones -- although I don't mind purchasing the same ones again, haha.   So I was looking at the following:   ATH A700 (again) or   AKG K702 Sennheiser HD...
  5. Toxicman1994

    Audio Technica ATH-A900X vs Audio Technica ATH-W1000x?

    I am looking to upgrade from my ATH A900X and I don't know where to turn. If anyone wants to recommend a non-Audio Technica headphone that's perfectly fine too, but I'm just comfortable with ADT. Can anyone tell me if the ATH-W1000x is good enough (better than the A900X) to justify a purchase...
  6. Heyyoudvd

    Best upgrade from KSC75s in the sub-$150 price range?

    Hi, I haven't posted here in a long time, but I've been stricken with a case of upgradeitis, so I thought I'd ask for advice. I'm looking for a new pair of everyday headphones to use on the bus/subway. Here are a few details:     1. My current portable setup consists of the Koss KSC75 (which...
  7. j-curve

    DIY Headphone Response Plots

    By way of a quick introduction, I'm going to post some graphs in this thread which look like headphone response plots. With a bit of luck people will be inspired to contribute their interpretations of the graphs and their opinions on whether the graphs have any value, based on what they've heard...
  8. Langrath

    Your biggest headphones dissappointment?

    Sometimes I have bought headphones that were a big disappointment. I had expected better. My biggest disappointment until now was Sennheiser PX200. How could Sennheiser produce headphones nearly totally clean from bass? What is your biggest disappointment of headphones? Georg
  9. runeofearth

    Time to upgrade ATH-A900s...recommendations?

    My gripes with the A900s: I completely rebuilt my current a900 once. New pads, new wires, housing. and now the plastic housing is falling apart...again... the pleather pads flake and flatten over time placing my ears closer to the drivers... It's time to to move on...   I'd prefer to stay...
  10. JCRG

    Closed. Flat response. Soundstage. Does something like that exists?

    Well, as title suggest, I'm looking for the holy (affordable) grail of headphones. Current cans are HD280 pro, yes, you can laugh at me, these are my first "real" headphones, I've had them over 2 years now. Now please don't suggest something like the Senns HD800, because I'm still just a...
  11. commando

    Recommendations for closed work headphones (replacing stolen A900's)

    I've had some 5+ year old A900 headphones stolen from work :( They're great headphones, great bass, detailed music, comfortable, and they block out enough external noise to be useful at work. I also own Beats by Dr Dre, Audeze LCD-2, Senn HD-280, have had those big comfortable Sony's with the...
  12. catsndogs

    The ATH-A900 appreciation thread

      I noticed that the classic Audio Technica ATH-A900s did not have their own appreciation thread, and decided that they really deserve one, so here it is!   I should probably preface this by stating that I have always preferred closed cans, and probably always will. Not only does isolation...
  13. Haeleus

    Headphones for PC (Gaming/Music) - Sennheiser HD598 or ATH-A900

    Since both headphones are in a similar price range for me, I'm having trouble deciding between these two. I need something that is comfortable to wear for extended periods at a time, and that can balance well between gaming and listening to music (I especially love trance/techno/electronic...
  14. Jesse40902

    Can somebody recommend me a few good places to buy Earpads for my Audio-Technica a900

    Thanks to this site, I was recommended the A900 and am extremely satisfied with  my cans for the past 4 or so years. However, the quality of the ear pad is deteriorating and causing black-like residue to make a mess around my ears.    Are there any recommended sitea where I can buy a new set...
  15. jampac93

    Audio Technica A900's + FiiO E11 + iPhone? please help, new!

    hello, im brand new to the forums, and becoming an audiophile! this May i bought a pair of Beats Studios (I NOW KNOW THEYYRE GARBAGE :) ) and sold them this week for $200. "only paid 230 new on sale!. so now i had some cash, and said its time to invest. i love music, and want a portabale amazing...
  16. PsyMed

    What's a good portable Amp/DAC for the ATH-A900's?

    Pretty much the title...   ( Only got a some portable sony thing as a music player)
  17. cRoNic RelOaDeR

    Audio Technica ATH-AD700's vs. Audio Technica ATH-A900

    Okay, so about a year ago I bought myself the Audio Technica ATH-AD700's from amazon. I wanted a good set of cans for in home use. I didn't want to spend more than about $120, so the AD700's looked like a good choice. The reviews were solid as well. Overall, I like them. The build is nice and...
  18. Bingturong

    Which is better ATH-A900, A950LTD, A900x or A900TI

    Hello everyone as stated in the title which one is better in terms of sound quality?
  19. menamesjames

    Audio Technica ATH-ES10 or ATH-A900?

    Should i get the Audio Technica A900 for £150 or spend £100 more on the ES10?
  20. Damieni

    IEMs with a similar sound signature to ATH-A900

    I'm looking for a pair of comfortable IEMs with a similar sound signature to Audio Technica ATH-A900. Prefer something with silicone rather than  triflange tips, preferably under $200. Considering the ATH-CKM99 however any recommendations would be appreciated.
  21. enkidu

    Another N00b looking for advice: DAC+amp around $500 for ATH-A900

    Hey guys,   A long time subscriber, I really benefitted from the experience back when I joined while researching my first pair of good headphones. I love the Audio Technica ATH-A500's I got after much research. Later I upgraded to the ATH-A900 (which I absolutely love). I later augmented...
  22. gopanthersgo1

    are the Audio Technica ATH-A900 good for listening to dubstep?

    i have been looking at the closed, comfortable Audio Technica ATH-A900 Audiophile Closed-Back Dynamic Headphones, i do have glasses, and am thinking of getting the ht omega claro halo with some new (undecided) op amps, is this a good set-up for dubstep, games, dance, and pop?  (and  which op...
  23. SpacemanSpiff23

    My ATH-A900s are starting to creak a lot. What is the best way to quiet them down?

    My A900s are getting older, and over the past few months have started to make a lot of creaking noises when I move my head.  Is something like a silicone lubricant the best option?  Or is there something better suited for plastic that doesn't leave a mess?  maybe a graphite powder?
  24. Bagheera


  25. D

    A900ti or A1000 earpads for ATH-A900?

    so i've read threads about what earpads to buy to replace the stock A900 earpads and most of them went for the A1000 earpad. but then i came across the A900ti earpads and wonder if they'll fit and work just the same, if not better than the A1000? the A900ti earpads are 10 bucks cheaper on...