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Headphones for a student on the go.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cocki, Mar 29, 2013.
  1. Cocki
    Hey folks I'm new to posting on these forums. Nice to meet y'all!
    I'm currently a student in collage and I love music just like the rest of you (Yes, the assumption was made)! I have a budget of about $300 I can go higher if needed but I'd prefer not to.
    I'd like a pair of headphones that I can use for walking around campus as well as jamming out in my room. Noise canceling isn't so important however I do travel so it would be something to consider. I listen to a bit of everything but I find my self listening to rock and hip hop I can't really tell you what I favor it verys from day to day. I recently ordered a fiio e11 for my mobile devices. I would have gone with the e17 if I didn't already have a high end sound card in my pc that I built. I've been looking around and there are too many options my head spins so please give some advice and maybe an Advil!
  2. Tsujigiri
    Take a look at the Beyerdynamic DT880s, DT770's, DT1350's, AKG K550's and Q701's, Sennheiser Momentums and Amperiors, Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs, Shure 840's, and Ultrasone Pro 900. Many of them may not be right for your needs, but look into the reviews a little and see if one of them jumps out at you.
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  3. BillsonChang007
    Walking around, you might as well like a big of style to kick all the bad things away! Sony MDR-1R is the best for that. Not only for style, it is also great for modern music! XD if not, the K550. 
    Hope this help!
    Billson :)
  4. Cocki
    :O I almost bought the k550 before I posted here. I canceled my order when I realized it had a 3m cord. I did consider useing the extra cord as a belt and suspenders but I decided I wasn't that hip. 551 is more ideal for my needs however I refused to pay $100 more for a shorter cable and a mic which as aforementioned ill be using a amp rendering a mic useless. I will be checking out some suggestions in a bit. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Tsujigiri
    A lot of nice headphones have really long cords. I just twist tie them up and it's not a problem.
  6. BillsonChang007
    Then Sony MDR-1R is the way to go! :D
  7. roBernd
    Please, stay far away from the MDR-1R... doesn't even sound better than a MDR-V6, looks worse, but I don't mind.
    The K550 was never a good headphone, they just look great.
    I'd vote for some IEM like the "DBA-02/B2" and if it has to be an over-ear -> ATH-M50s
    (I know recommending M50s is boring and old, but, despite some flaws it is still better than most cans twice their price)
    Whatever you do, listen to them before you buy a pair.
  8. Cocki
    So right now I'm going back and forth between the akg 550 and Beyerdynamic DT880 with higher ohms. Thoughts?
  9. redrich2000

    The DT880s are open and huge, no good for use in public. The DT1350 does have a longish cable, which I agree is annoying. But they sound very good, look good and can be comfortably worn around the neck when necessary. If you made yourself a sound card maybe shortening a cable is an option for you?
  10. Cocki
    That was an idea however I don't have the ability to do that although its easy. I know a guy at work who could... But he probably would try to do it at work which would get me In trouble
  11. BillsonChang007
    Sorry but I disagree with your statement! MDR-V6 and 1R are of different kind of headphone to me. The V6 are more neutral in sound, less bass in comparison and it does sound brighter a bit to me. Just a very little. 1R on the other hand is a bit warm, smooth, slow sounding. 
    AKG K550 on the other hand, really dependent on how it fits on you. If you get perfect seal or at least, 90% like me, the bass are there and not at all bright sounding. Mids are very smooth and analytical. It does sound a little cold. Soundstage are great! It's more spacious than HD598 although it's not very well known for soundstage but still, it's an open headphone. 
    No, I some-how dislike the ATH-M50 sound. It's rather bloated in bass, narrow sounding(lacking in soundstage). Most importantly, the mids are recessed and I doubt why some people outside claim it's neutral. Not so to my midrange - head maybe? 
    Just my very own opinion and you don't have to agree with it! Just so the OP understand more on what to choose and what not. 
    Billson :)
  12. redrich2000
    I'd still think seriously about them, there are no phones that don't at least one weakness and speaking as someone who is very demanding about real portability, the DT1350 is a pretty good compromise. I tried the 1Rs, Momentum and B&W P5s and kept the Beyers.
    But if you haven't already, I'd suggest going to a shop and trying a few out. It's not hard to find places to demo a lot of these phones and if you find something you like then your good. The UE6000 is another option that's in the same general range as the Momentums and R1s and all three of those are ususally available to demo.
  13. Lorspeaker
    open cans like 880 n q701 not great for campus walking i think. 
    the clamp on the 1350 can be a challenge to some, i didnt last an hour on that...
    but its got good clarity n solid bass. 
  14. Cocki
    I ordered the akg k-495nc I'm going to test them out and see if they are to my liking. Granted they arnt full size cans but I think your right full size may not be the right size.

    If I don't like them or do ill take another look at some Beyerdynamics next they made me drool!

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