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Headphones for 13 year old girl? Beats? (I know, I know...!)

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  1. Agentred
    Hey folks,
    It's my boss's daughter's bat mitzvah next month and as the resident audiophile I thought I'd get her a good set of cans.  I was looking at the Beats Solo HD because they're what all the kids are yippity yapping about these days but they're a) $200 and b) getting terrible reviews everywhere.  On the other hand, they're small so they should fit well on her head.

    Should I just bite the bullet and get them, since at 13 looks/name recognition will matter more than sound? Or should I get a pair of Skullcandies? Or the Sennehiser PX 200-II look to be the same size as the beats...

    Alternatively, she plays a lot of sports, so should I get a pair of sport bands like the Sennheiser/Adidas PMX 680/685's? I definitely trust Sennheiser more than I trust Beats, but are the bands comfortable for younger users? At 13 I feel like it's too old for the 'kids' headphones but still too small for big cans...
    Okay, thanks for reading, if anyone's been in a similar situation or has any thoughts at all they would be very much appreciated, happy new year,
  2. Arbakadarba
    How about the V-MODA M-80? Maybe not very girly, but in my opinion they sound like Beats should have sounded.
    On the other hand, I have a sister the same age and she would prefer in ear monitors over headphone for outdoor use.
  3. Syrn
    Consider the V-moda Crossfade M80. I don't own them so I can't comment on the sound, but there are plenty of reviews on the site. They look stylish to me, and they will be more durable than the beats solo. My friend has a pair of beats solo and part of the headphone is cracked although they still work.
    EDII: woah haha didnt even see the post above me. I kid you not, I was writing this at the same time.
  4. streetdragon
    i would say the M80. looks nice on everyone.
  5. Currawong Contributor
    That, or M-100s (yes, I realise they are more expensive) in white with her choice of colours for the end covers. She could also have her own design put them, so she'll value them much more. They are designed to be virtually unbreakable and new cables are cheap if she does somehow mangle one. At least they will last much longer than her clothes or shoes (assuming she doesn't lose them).
  6. kalbee
    Girls might actually like IEM or earbuds better since headphones tend to mess up hair.
    Though it varies from girl to girl.

    If I'm remembering properly the PX200-II is MUCH smaller than beats. They fold up to a little bigger than glasses.
  7. Ev0lution
    Yeah, get her a pair of White M80's they look so good :)
    ... and they sound awesome aswell...
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I hate to say it, but I'm going to sway from Team Vmoda above me and say.....I'm going to say 'beats'.

    I dislike them, I've heard them, I've seen what you get for your money, but I think at 13 and all the peer pressure around beats are the safest choice. As you said, it's not so much about the sound at 13 but the image. I remember when Adidas three stripes pants were cool in the early 90's if you didn't have them you weren't one of the team... Same thing occurs today with beats.

    Unless you know the young lady well enough that she'll appreciate better sound you may make the wrong descion by purchasing Vmoda. I know which sound better, I know which I'd prefer though I'm not 13 and I'm also not tied into a bunch of peer pressure. What I'm saying is the Vmoda do sound better but at 13 what's the point if there's only two stripes instead of three on the outside?
  9. djvkool
    Totally agree, if you can afford it and don't mind spending $200 for her, I too would say just buy her Beats - it will go a long way towards her 'status' level amongst her peers
  10. Agentred
    Thanks for the replies everyone.  
    The M-80's look good but they're $170, and I figure I might as well splurge an extra $30 and get the beats, sound quality be damned.  Woe, if the M-80's were $100 I think I'd be willing to justify it but for a $30 difference I think she'd appreciate the beats, all she does is listen to Taylor Swift anyway!
  11. streetdragon
    hmm i guess whatever suits her best then
  12. CirrusPilot
    What about Souls? IMO they sound a tad better, look just as modern as the beats, and you can usually get them cheaper!

    I'd be real careful with IEMs or any noise isolating phones for kids. I've seen way too many close calls with pedestrians wearing them and cars in the downtown area where I live. Kids often lack the foresight or judgement to realize that wearing such devices when walking around is a bad idea!
  13. kalbee
    Fostex? Fostex [​IMG]
    But naaah. Not really on the fashionable side. Doubt a 13 year old girl, of all people, will appreciate the way they look.
    Mind you, the SQ of beats might have changed over the time now, specially after breaking off from Monster. SQ might not be terrible, just not of great value.
    Sound Quality be damned? if you're willing to spend that amount, it will still deliver some don't worry.
  14. tinyman392
    I'm not sure why people feel that just because Monster stopped making the Beats that they will magically become "better".  Unfortunately, Monster still manufacturers everything up to the Studio (actually, I think they developed the Executive as well).  That said, the Studio won't improve unless the company decided to redesign the driver (which they didn't; they don't care to).  I don't know why people feel Monster was the bad manufacturer.  I have a question, did Monster break from Beats?  Or Beats break from Monster?  And for what reasons?  Monster products aren't as bad as people put it.  Look at the Gratitude, Turbine, Mile's Davis...  They can do good products, the real question is, was it Monster that made the bad product?  Or was it the head behind Beats that did it.  Remember, Sync by 50 was supposed to be developed by Sleek...  Sleek broke up, 50's request was something they couldn't stand behind.  Maybe the same thing happened with Beats, except Monster went ahead and did it anyways (we are a capitalistic driven society).
    As for Fostex, you're right, they aren't fashionable :p  
    Quick question to the OP, what's your price range you'll be willing to spend?  You said that the 200 Beats were a bit pricey for you...  Let us know what isn't.
  15. Agentred
    $100 would be perfect, $150 would be on the outer limits and $200 is only for the beats 'brand value'.... 
    I was actually thinking about Souls but they have that 'copycat' feel to them, like getting someone a Zune when they wanted an iPod, or the Monkees to the Beatles! Frankly, I owned a Zune and loved it (and the Monkees aren't bad either) but.... bleh.  
    I think there's a hole in the market for good looking, 'cool' alternatives to beats for <$100.  I was looking at the Monster Diesel headphones, but they're $250!
    I can totally understand paying for good phones, I have a set of Triple Fi UE 11's and the Senn 650's, but there has to be some concession for teenage friendly cans, where are kids getting this much disposable income anyway?!?!
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