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Headphone Meetup Cincinnati/Dayton January 12th

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  1. FunctionalDoc
    Love to have you and like to hear that Arrow amp . I will put you down.

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  2. UntilThen
    Sounds like it's going to be a great meet. Rick, I hope you will have your GOTL for the meet.
  3. FunctionalDoc
    I hope it comes soon also .
    LordOfNikon likes this.
  4. buke9
    I just ordered a Audio-GD Master 9 so it could possibly make it to the meet.
  5. buke9
    Almost forgot I’m being sent a pair of the new Brainwavz Planar Magnetic “Alara” headphones for review so they should be there also. They have been released from a customs holds so I should have them Monday but with the Holidays how knows . I’ve seen one other review on Headfonics and they seemed to like them but other than that nothing so we will be one of the few to hear them.
  6. whirlwind
    Wish I could work it out to make this, but it is not happening for me.

    Would be great to see you again Rick......hope the GOTL is in your hands.

    Have fun, sounds like a wonderful time.
    LordOfNikon likes this.
  7. BunnyNamedCraig
    Awe that would have been nice to meet you!

    Next time then :slight_smile:
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  8. timb5881
    Me and my wife will stop in. She is not into audio as much as I do so she may go out and walk around Springboro. Any way we can bring down any of the following:
    Koss ESP-950
    Senhieser HD6XX
    Monoprice M1060 planars
    Monoprice iem M300
    Schitt Vali2 amp
    Creek OBH-11 modded
    PSAudio Link Dac III
    Adcom GDA600 Dac
    Xduoo X10 player
    Fiio X3 II player

    And if any one really wants me to drag down my computer, I can bring down the following:
    Burson Play
    Topping D10 DAC (also a great usb to spdf converter )
    Korg DAC
  9. BunnyNamedCraig
    I would love to get a chance to hear the PS audio DAC if possible. That’s a brand that I’m real curios about their DACs!
  10. 2002tiiguy
    if i end up being able to come out, id love to hear those esp-950's
  11. buke9
    You won’t be disappointed they are just plain good..
  12. 2002tiiguy
    lol my wallet is hoping that they dont sound better to me than my hd-540s
  13. buke9
    Well heard most of the 500’ but haven’t heard them but will definitely say your wallet will not like them.
  14. 2002tiiguy
    bah, i might have to come check them out
  15. buke9
    You should . The ESP-950’s are just sweet.
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