HE-400 vs. HE-500 vs. HE-4 Comparison
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  Lol. have you heard the he-400i?
no offense, but these kinds of comments from "he-4 enthusiasts" really makes them sound really extremely biased. When is it a bad idea in the audiophile hobby to try other equipment before settling on what you like? On this thread, there seems to be a lot of intolerance towards any other opinions that is not raving about how the HE-4 is simply god's gift to mankind. If you are attacking me for recommending waiting to try out other headphones before getting the HE-4..........
note: the question I was responding to was someone looking for a "complimentary" pair of headphones to the HD650... he wasn't even looking for an upgrade or anything specific. Spending $850+ to get the right amp + the HE-4 is extremely excessive for someone looking to just find a different sound signature. There are a ton of options out there. The HE-4 is not the right answer for every users' needs.

True. I was just giving my 2 cents worth of praise for the He-4. I can't compare them to anything else except cheap cans. The sound is very "smooth" with my setup. I hear no background noise even when I crank this **** up to a volume that isn't good for your ears.
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Look. I had a long long work day, hopped on here to relax, and had someone rec an hp that hasn't been released or reviewed over the he4. I got Intolerant. The thing is, this hp is really really good for rock/metal/ and even edm. Not sure how it does with classical, but I've listened a lot of other genres on it. And they sound worlds better than the he400,magnum v5 and everything else Ive heard. Whether theyre for you or not is your decision. But theyre out of production now. The 400i, may best it, we dont know yet, and won't know until long after its out due to all this crazy hype. All I'm saying, is 350 for the he4 plus 160 for the emotiva is the best money I've spent on this hobby so far.
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True. I was just giving my 2 cents worth of praise for the He-4. I can't compare them to anything else except cheap cans. The sound is very "smooth" with my setup. I hear no background noise even when I crank this **** up to a volume that isn't good for your ears.

Yaaaa buddy, soak In the awesomeness
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I'm glad you're enjoying the 4
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Okay, yikes. Things are getting crazy in here.
@abablitz I have listened to the HE-4 with the Vali and it sounds great. The problem is that the Vali on the borderline of being underpowered. If you have any quiet recordings, or if Modi isn't as loud as Bifrost (not sure, never tried Modi), you may have issues getting enough volume out of the Vali. The Asgard would probably be fine, though I would just recommend getting Project Ember for another $100.
@money4me247 I'm not sure what you have against the HE-4, but you have definitely made that much clear, lol. I understand where you are coming from though. There is a pretty big following for a headphone that is way under the radar, for a headphone that most would automatically assume is inferior to its brethren. What I think you're having a hard time realizing is that 95%+ of the people that have tried the HE-4 more than happy with it. Most of us (including myself) would say that it's the best headphone purchase they've made. Now as far as the HE-400i goes, here is how I would respond to your reasons to wait:
-Single ended. Who cares, the HE-4 is already single ended. 350g.
-More comfortable. I didn't realize there was a comfort issue in the first place.
-More efficient. Yes, okay, it's nice that they are moving in this direction. But... it doesn't change the fact that I'll still be using Ember and that the HE-4 doesn't not struggle as much as people think with lesser amps.
-Need a $400 amp for the HE-4. I'm not sure that this statement is worth countering. It's just bloody ignorant.
Now here are things that you should also consider:
-HiFiMan's revision history with the HE-400.
-The HE-4 is now discontinued, there won't be much stock left in the near future.
Now, don't get me wrong. I'm tickled pink by these new HFM. I'm a major HFM fanboy, haha. That said, I'm just as excited as most people are (and who knows how long I'll be able to hold out before buying a pair). Still though, the HE-4 is a wonderful headphone, and truth be told, bottom line, we still know nothing about the HE-400i and HE-560. It's not really fair for you to not recommend a headphone you haven't listened to and also recommend a headphone nobody has listened to (this is also against the forum rules). Us HE-4 enthusiasts are biased for good reason. HFM produced a headphone that is easily twice as good as the HE-400 for only $50 more, yet the HE-400 thread is over 1000 pages long and the HE-4 thread is barely pushing 100. I think I speak for everyone who's had experience with both headphones when I say that this is a bit frustrating.
@raxx I'm really glad you are enjoying the setup. What output impedance are you enjoying the most? The amount of air you can achieve with the HE-4+Ember is amazing... never gets old.
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  Might be selling a DT 880 for this bad boi... let's hope its a nice upgrade

I don't think you will be disappointed. Might be best to hold onto the DT880 just incase though, that thing is your baby.

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@Thujone I am using the lowest impedance right now. I tried a slightly higher setting and I didn't like it as much. The lower setting brings out more detail. 
Like Thujone said, the comfort level of the HE-4 is good. I wouldn't say it can't be better, but it isn't even close to bad. I know how cheap headphones feel and these aren't like that.
I am not regretting this purchase even with the new models coming in a few months. I am curious about how they will sound for sure.
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So people are comparing the HE-4 to other headphones like the HE-400i so here are some more detailed things to help you while I stay objective as possible.
Comfort - The HE-4 is lighter than the HE-400i. It is still in fact the lightest planar HiFiMAN has ever made at 350g, and I personally find it quite comfortable for very extended listening.
Sound - The HE-4 has a slight V that is biased more towards treble than bass. However, the treble doesn't seem peaky and in fact reminds me of some studio monitors where it is slightly elevated across the range, but not very peaky at all. The treble can definitely get a bit hot at times, but it isn't as harsh as Ultrasone treble and is not sibilant unless the recording is really really bad. Bass is good, good impact, good balance, good separation (Technically the bass on these is about as clean as it comes it hits hard and leaves fast though so don't expect rumble). Mids are a tad bit recessed, but don't go overboard, still pretty closed to balanced.
Amping - This is a question that is being brought up quite a lot in this thread here is my opinion on it. You will get decent dynamic range if you have 500mW, and honestly according to the specs you can get decent sound with around 200mW, and unless you are listening to a really quiet recording then your dynamic range can suffer quite a bit. I have found myself pushing my Audinst HUD-MX1 (800mW) verrryy close to max on some quite recordings which is probably not great for the DR. I haven't really used a wide variety of amps with these besides the Audinst and my computer (just to see what would happen) so I can't comment on sound changes.
Some Stuff I am Interested in Trying 
- Hooking the HE-4 up with taps to a speaker tube amp. Theoretically output impedance should make close to zero difference with planar-magnetic headphones so I would really like to try hooking them up with taps to an speaker OTL or SET amp. My uncle has one that he uses with his Zu Omen II and I think I am going to try it with the HE-4s some time. 
- Demo it with some headphone amps. I'm planning on going to the next Head-Fi meet and trying this thing out with a couple of amps specifically the Schiit Lyr and the Ember (I want Hybrid to add a bit of warmth), but maybe some solid state offerings as well. 
 - Eventually getting a chance to compare the HE-400i to it. 
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  I don't think you will be disappointed. Might be best to hold onto the DT880 just incase though, that thing is your baby.

Nah I've had my DT 880 for a little over a year now [well not this exact one but the Headphone in general] Going to jump to the HE 4, it's upgrade time ya know! 

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