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HD555 Stress Cracks

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikaman, Jul 29, 2010.
  1. vikaman
    Hey guys,
    I bought my HD555s almost 5 months ago, and I am worried to notice cracks on the bridge of the phones (the place that connects the headband to the speakers).
    Where the red ring is:
    Though the stress cracks are fairly small, I plan to keep these headphones for a while (atleast a year), and I am worried they will literally split wide open.
    What is the best course of action of this? Epoxy resin?
    Worried Newbie.
  2. NapalmK
    You can generally get Sennheiser to replace them I believe, don't quote me on that though. Though this is a common issue with this model and FWIR only affects the cosmetics of the can and not its functionality.
  3. neochikara
    I've had those cracks for months on mine.  I wouldn't be too concerned about them.  Like NapalmK said, it's just cosmetic damage that--I want to believe--comes from regular wear and tear.  I was freaked out for awhile when I first saw the cracks on mine because I handle my audio gear very carefully.  There was a short time in which I tried to kill everyone who had touched them who wasn't me.  True story.
  4. Endless
    I have those on my HD 555's too. It's a common problem, I wouldn't be concerned. 
  5. mralexosborn
    ...and these are the 'phones I was planning on getting. F***!
  6. vikaman
    Hmm, seems assuring, I bought mine through amazon, how do I get sennheiser to service/fix them if I decide too?
    Otherwise, I'll leave them be.
  7. neochikara


    I would still get them.  You can get them for a fantastic price--sometimes less than $100.  After doing the adhesive foam mod (seriously takes only five minutes and totally reversible) and having owned them for almost two years, I love these things.  The crack means nothing and if it bothers you, buy through a certified dealer so you can get warranty work if you so desire.  Personally, I'm not worried.
    @ Vikaman - You might want to start by contacting Amazon...?  I don't know if Sennheiser will honor a warranty through Amazon, though, so you may want to contact Sennheiser first.  I have no experience with calling their support lines, so I really can't predict any more than this.  Sorry.
  8. mralexosborn
    Hmm, the foam mod that make them sound like the HD595? Oh, BTW would a DAC be beneficial for these?
  9. neochikara


    Yes, that specific foam mod.  I think there's one other one that isn't reversible.  You'd have to look it up, though.  It changes the sound signature in a different way than the mod I did (the "555 to 595" mod).
    I used my 555's for two-thirds of my time with them simply connected to my X-Fi Professional and enjoyed their sound.  However, last month I purchased a Nuforce uDAC and I've found that I enjoy these phones even more.  I don't have the most discerning ear, but the biggest change I noticed in my 555's paired with the uDAC is a wider soundstage and perhaps, on a minor level, increased detail and separation.  But like I said, I listened to them for over a year straight off my X-Fi and enjoyed them.  I have no idea how they would sound plugged right into an MP3 player or laptop headphone out port.
    Yikes, this has became hugely derailed.  Sorry to take your original topic off on a tangent, OP.  I'll shut up now.
  10. mralexosborn
    Thank you. That was just the answer I needed, 
    Sorry as well, OP.
  11. vikaman
    No problem guys, actually I want to encourage this discussion, because I am really new to the headphone thing I would love to know more.I might contact Sennheiser when I get back.. I was planning on getting an iBasso D2 to boost myHD555's sound for both my iPod and my laptop. 
  12. Endless
    Hmm interesting. I don't know, I gave up on my HD 555 recently and opted for an upgrade to the HD 6xx series. I think the HD 555 are the perfect example of limits. I don't feel that they are going to get any better than what they sound through a decent 200 - 300 dollar amp. Any more investing on amps and dacs will only result in a subtle change in sound quality imo. It's a great set of headphones, but... there is always something better.
    +1 for the iBasso D2! I'm sure it'll sound great. Let me know what you think of them with the HD 555s. [​IMG]
  13. Slaughter
    I got a crack on one side after a month and they were never stretched or dropped. If the crack gets too big Ill probably just paint the phones black, which I want to do anyhow...
  14. FlyingInABlueDream
    My HD-595's had a similar problem (small cracks in the side plastic). Unless you abuse your cans, they should last a while. IMHO, it has to do with the stress from the 'average' construction of the cans. It's almost unavoidable unless you never use them. 

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