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Gustard X26 Dual ES9038PRO DAC with ESS USB chip

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Jan 23, 2019.
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  1. domho7
    Hi is X26 xmos base
  2. rafabro
    No. Like U16 it use ESS controller.

    Have a look 1st page of this thread.
  3. Cortes

    independent measurements of the X26 shows that it's an stellar DAC from the technical point of view. It is so good that even the ugly Sabre IMD hump does not exist.


    how it sounds, I have no clue, but I'm happy to see there is real engineering behind it.

    PS: $ alert: the unit was sent to ASR by shenzhen audio, so the chances of a hand picked unit are very high. Be cautious.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2019
  4. rafabro
    This test means absolutely NOTHING :D
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  5. Cortes
    well, at least it means the unit is not broken, which is more than nothing :wink:.
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  6. Baten
    How so? If it distorted to hell and back it would also mean nothing?

    It proves the X26 is very well made.....
  7. rafabro
    Do you see any highend DAC on this list? :)
  8. Cortes
    the Chord Qutest and RME ami-2 are reported to be very good. In addition, it has to outperform $5k DACs to be good?.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
    Baten likes this.
  9. spacequeen7
    Nothing to be "Be cautious" about ,Gustard is legit ,enjoying my stack like a boss :L3000:
  10. Soundwave76
    Yes. Several DACs have stellar measurements, which can label them as 'highend' if we want to use that term. What some people / communities regard as 'highend' is another discussion, since for some exotic looks, glow of the tubes and high price automatically mean 'highend'.
    frogmeat69 likes this.
  11. rafabro
    Keep dream on :D
  12. allhifi
    Agreed. PLUS, it speaks of its technical excellence. That too, is more than nothing. In fact, it's certainly confidence inspiring.

  13. allhifi

    Hmmmm ...

    " ...PS: $ alert: the unit was sent to ASR by shenzhen audio, so the chances of a hand picked unit are very high. Be cautious."

    That's funny. In a few respects:

    A) There may be some truth to it ("hand" selected).

    B) It may be a randomly selected DAC -or one of the first few production samples.

    C) What makes yo think other manufacturer's don't "hand-pick" for review purposes ?
    (Should we be 'cautioned' here as well ?)

    D) Gustard has a VERY respectable/proven track history -over the past few years.
    (Dozens/hundreds of personal accounts speaking to its quality.)

    E) I have great doubt Gustard is leveraging its massive PR/Review muscle ! (lol)

    F) Ummm, although NOT chump-change, it is, after all, a very reasonably priced
    ($1,200. bones US$), ultra modern/premium DAC.

    Speaking personally, I know of two people who've ordered (from Shenzhen), and
    received a prompt shipment, perfectly working DAC (and/or Spdif Converter) !

    I, as a used 'X-20pro' purchaser (Oh, and a U-12), have been enjoying stellar performance
    for the past two years. And I am a veteran Hi-fi'er who does not impress easily -or without

  14. motberg
    Anyone have the Gustard factory address? (Chinese is OK)
  15. ccd79
    Just ordered a silver x26. Black ones are back ordered till early April.
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