Gustard X20pro DAC (ES9028Pro)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Nov 2, 2016.
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  1. MattSPL
    Is that a new Gustard that's due out?
  2. TPSRA
    Gustard is going to introduce a single 9038 chip model around Sep (higher pricing than X20pro), and suppose there'll be a even more hi-end dual 9038 model later on.
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  3. MattSPL
    Sounds good. Thanks
  4. Quadman
    Just an FYI if anyone is interested in a older Gustard.

    I just posted my buddies Gustard X20U with Level 1 mod in the for sale section. This is the dac I wrote about in the Gustard X20u thread in April/May of last year. At the time it was full level 1 as the clock mod had not yet been verified. Instead of a clock near the dac chips this has a very high quality pure silver coax cable replacing the stock cable. All other level 1 mods have been done including the WA Quantum chips and new damping that Ric discovered to improve the sound and I was able to verify. If one wanted the clock mod I can do that and would only charge parts cost for it. With my supplied this dac can do DSD256 and with a external DDC such as the Singer SU-1 it can do DSD512. My personal X20u had a third party Chinese USB card in it and played DSD512 before the card developed issues and had to be pulled.

    Check out the ad or PM me for more information.
  5. rafabro
    Great news, can't wait!
  6. Mtrc808
    Anyone know if you can use the balanced and unbalanced outputs of the Gustard at the same time? I would like to be able to hook up a subwoofer without using a preamp. If possible, I would use the balanced for my speakers and the unbalanced would go to a DSP for crossover management and then to a subwoofer amp.
  7. rafabro
    Check manual. I am not sure.
  8. RonD2
    Sorry I originally posted wrong info. I have mine connected to an iFi amp and use both of its (the iFi) outputs simultaneously. I also have done this on other amps as well. Never tried it on the X20 pro directly though. Sorry.
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  9. Moochibond
    My apologies if this is a naive question; connecting headphones directly to the balanced out/s, is this an option for driving headphones?


  10. wwmhf
    This does not seem like a good idea unless the phones are very easy to drive.
  11. Moochibond
    May I ask, why do you think this is not a good idea?

    I have a have a TEAC UD-503 - Analogue Audio Output Max Output Level: 2.0Vrms.

    Gustard specs read: Analogue Output of 6.0Vrms.

    I hook my HD 800 directly to the XLR out of the Teac and they sound great.
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  12. wwmhf
    I said that it may not be a good idea because the DAC's limited amplification (if any) cannot drive the phone satisfactorily.

    The power from an output of a equipment is determined by both the voltage and current.

    If it sounds great to you, then, lucky you because you are satisfied by your music system. However, there is a large chance that your HD800 can produce music better (than your present configuration) when a X20pro is paired with a good amp.
  13. Moochibond
    I also have a SPL Phonitor 2, do you consider this amplifier adequate to drive my HD 800 properly?

    Have you actually tried connecting directly to the XLR of the Gustard?
  14. wwmhf
    I am unfamiliar with either the SPL Phonitor 2 amp or the HD800 phones even though I had some limited experience with HD800. I use tube amps with my Beyerdynamics T1 or HD650.

    No, I did not actually try to connect directly to the XLR of the Gustard. As mentioned before, the limited amp in the Gustard is a concern. The other is the digital volume control which I think the Gustard uses. Digital volume control might be good enough or very good these days, but I just still do not like it.
  15. TPSRA
    I doubt you can find a analog volume control better then the one build in the Saber chip, unless you go crazy price point:L3000:
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