Gustard X20pro DAC (ES9028Pro)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Nov 2, 2016.
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  1. Joel Park
    I just purchased the X-20pro and had the same problem with it not working. I texted them and they got back to me in a few minutes. Anyway it's a problem with the fuse. It comes with an extra fuse where the electric cord goes into the unit. I changed the fuse and it has worked ever time.
  2. wwmhf
    Good to know this if it is truly that good. This is one more thing I would like to explore whenever I have time.
  3. canthearyou
    Yes. Both are active at same time.
  4. indieke
    I always used the device just in regular Pcm. Whatever I did, whatever filter I used, I missed something.

    Now Whenever I went listening to high end gear, I saw people getting exited, with sound that was "detailed", but for me, just too much highs and "flat "music. I never could experience the thrill of live music. Yes you heard things in the mix, but for me it lacked 3 dimension (in french called "timbre"), and became very tiring.

    My listening room is not perfect without being bad, but not really lives up to my gear (B&W 800 D, first generation, Mark Levinson amplifying). I had a Accuphase DSP 67, maybe faulty, never was thrilled by it (DULL). I tried some dacs, but either too agressive, either lacking placement. I tried this Dac, as it was said to be incredible bang for the bucks, comparing it to units many time its price. I was impressed by its staging, but still not get that sweet live feeling (and I am 57, so must hear less high tones). My stupid M2 tech usb dac, had less class, less stage, less separation between the musicians, but sounded more analog and less fatiguing. SO why not go on with it? I thought it was a better idea to sell the Gustard, because at that price, you want perfection. But then wanting to sell it, there was a problem with the on/off knob. So I kept it on hold. And this week manage to turn on the unit on again. WIth M-slow, it sounded a bit (artificial) analog, and was thinking of keeping it.

    But then I followed your steps to play it in DSD. I know nothing about frequencies, I am technical zero, it sounds good or not to my ears. It first not worked. Not in Asio, but did with another driver x2 Mos......Kernel.
    Now I was very skeptical. All nice this different ways of using your dac, but most IS in Pcm, so how can a re encode sound better, even if the format you convert to, is superior?.

    Well something must be wrong, settings, or something else. My display now only says DSD 5.64 MHz, ok! I not know difference between this and DSD 125 and so on. I use my old travel computer, Jriver and a hard disc, and use the dac in Usb.
    The difference is not small on my system. If I found the dac too bright, even with all his qualities, I got now a different sound. It is more powerful , bass hits bit more, but is natural. I not got that "too much highs", bit thin for some instruments, but a real strong live sound, with much more warmth, but keeping the extraordinary detail. I had to change my setting from M-slow to L-sharp. Some recording sound sometimes even a bit too warm, and could use "tat" more highs, but it seems then more the recording itself then the Dac. I cannot figure out why the improvement is so important. Beside the more controlled treble, the sound is more analog and live sounding. Until now I not hear that little digital edge.
    Does the jitter affects more the sound when using PCM?

    I do have just a little issue. When with my tablet, I select another track, I get a strange distortion, before the new tracks plays. I also do not know how the quality is influenced, when I play real dsd this way. Before I had a setting with J river, where it played native dsd on a SACD audio rip. Like a Franck Sinatra album. It sounded so cold that way. Now it sound like an analog tape reel, with live sound to it. Weird all this. I left my dsd filter on 47, is that ok, I have no idea, how a change in this would change something.....

    Also my HD files, played this way, do they keep their advantage being 96 hz or 192 hz?
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  5. rafabro
    Gustrad X20 is stronger to process DSD than PCM from SQ perspective. That's why I upsampling everything to DSD256. Difference is usually not so strong as you describing..

    "I use my old travel computer" - you can not expect sound quality if your source is not audio dedicated...Gustard plays what is getting from your PC...
  6. indieke
    I got the Pro version btw. Yes I understand what you mean, but I been running the Gustard on other sources too, like the Oppo 95. As a dedicated computer, correct me if I am wrong, that makes difference more if using direct audio out and be strong enough to handle higher frequency DSD. How I put it now, I have no problem, the sound is good, close to perfection, but yes If I start to do multi tasking then of course you need something with more capacity. I been listening all day, and sound is precise, kind of warm, which I not had before. But aside quality, there is taste. Some would like a more analytic sound, then I am playing now, but I love the lush, live sounding result I got now.

    Like I said my technical background is zero, but this really sounds good now. The difference is mostly, and I am sensitive to that, that in this mode, there is not the small digital edge, and sounds more lush. In terms of staging, balance the difference is less impressive.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  7. wwmhf
    Here are my recent setups in JRiver 22.0.110

    1. Player->Playback Options->Audio Device->XMOS USB Audio 2.0 ST 3033 [ASIO] or other driver
    2. Player->Playback Options->Settings->DSD & output format->Output Encoding: choose 2xDSD or 4xDSD in native format
    3. Player->Playback Options->Settings->Bitstreaming->None

    Do not use DSD in DoP format which can generate clicks/pops once in while
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  8. indieke
    Dsd in DoP works well. I have Jriver 20, when I use same driver as you, I got error message., and no way to let it work with your settings. Maybe my computer is not powerful enough...
  9. canthearyou
    I thought the X20 would only accept DoP?
  10. wwmhf
    I think it is more like a driver or setting problem than a problem related to your computer's power.

    I double checked, my JRiver is using the setting I posted yesterday. However, JRiver's configuration is complicated, I might missed something else. I will try those settings with a fresh installation of JRiver to see how the settings work. All in all, a key idea is to use DSD native for updampling, not DSD in DOP, and this is also confirm by Foobar2000.

  11. wwmhf
    X20 does work in the up to DSD128 native mode.
  12. Quadman
    Via USB the x20pro is good up to native DSD256 and via IIS it is good up to native DSD512. Specs below


    PCM:16-32bit /44.1、48、88.2、96、176.4、192、352.8、384kHz

    DSD Native- DSD64、DSD128、DSD256、DSD512

    DSD DOP- DOP64、DOP128 DOP256

    USB:16-32bit / 44.1、48、88.2、96、176.4、192、352.8、384 kHz

    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
  13. canthearyou
    Thanks for that info.
  14. mtoc
    basic differences b/w 18/28/38, hope this clears
    28 is the 18 using better digital part, same analog part
    38 is 4 times output current than 28's, same digital part
  15. jjk43
    Anyone have an update on the rumored Gustard 9038 model?
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