Gustard X20pro DAC (ES9028Pro)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Nov 2, 2016.
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  1. mtoc
    An upgraded version of the X20.
  2. identitymatrix
    Is it available now?
  3. rafabro
    shenzenaudio says end of November. Pre-order should be also available soon.
  4. Dithyrambes
    I hope they update the chassis and fiddly knobs. The a20h looked much better so i expect the same
  5. rafabro
    IMO only against knobs are the holes from the top. If they turn them around 180 deg will be enough.
    I like X20U style. But Holo Audio Spring looks more cool :wink:
  6. Duy Le
    Is possible to upgrade from X20 to X20pro ?
  7. hugoboss
    why not go for 9038 directly the ess flagship
    ah20 use akm flagship 4497. i just wish they replace it with 9038pro that will make more buyer
  8. nicoragua

    Guess they want to keep the price below $1000.
  9. rafabro
    Chip doesn't actually matters so much. Most important (and I'm counting on upgrade) is power supply quality and USB implementation.  
    Currently I'm testing Singxer SU-1 with my X20U and this makes giant difference. This shows what really Gustard need to change in DAC. It is level up upgrade. Unbelievable!
  10. mordicai

    Im not sure I understand. What does the su 1 show that the Gustard needs to change?
  11. rafabro
    The sound quality improvement.
    When you change this...
    To this...
    It is really wort to try, but even if you buy blind you wont regret.
    After few days of test I already ordered my own. For Gustard sound quality is level up upgrade. Definitely wort the money.
  12. jjk43
    Shenzhen Audio,
    Will the X20pro be able to be linked to 2 other X20s to make a Multichannel DAC?
  13. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Just saw their preorder page. $829.99, shipped beginning 26 Nov 2016
  14. mtoc
    Somethin' forgot to add: Gustard's ES9028/38Pro stuff doesn't do ASRC while the new Matrix series keeps the ASRC on.
  15. fumoffuXx
    SOrry for being n00b, i just preordered one. expecting to receive it within a week or 2. ASRC does what?
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