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Gustard X20 DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by stuartmc, Sep 8, 2015.
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  1. DBB1
    Thanks to all those who responded and helped to convince me. I put in an order today. Will report back on my impressions on how it compares to the x12 in a month or so.
  2. GioF71
    First I'd like to note I am not promoting any commercial product. The software solution I proposed is very common and almost entirely based on free / open source software (with the exception of one type of controller for android).
    The quality of USB interface is not generally improving alongside with the performances of the host pc. That's the reason for the very existence of accessories that act as (expensive) USB hub and supposedly improve the quality of the signal and power. You might think it's 'snake oil' and I would understand it as I was thinking the same, but I have a clear evidence (which I won't publicly post here to avoid damaging a well-known and appreciated brand) of at least a case of an issue caused by the USB interface of ALL the PC I own, that has been solved by one mentioned USB accessory.
    Though, this does not have to necessarily be relevant in your case. Your PC might have the best and more stable USB interfaces. Good for you if it's the case, but for sure this is not the rule.
    As for audio quality, it's not only a matter of not interfering with the audio playback.
    My PC is a few years old and a roughly in the same league (based on intel i5 2500), and I still hear a difference against my dedicated solution. No objective results, so I am not doing absolute claims. It's all a matter of impressions.
    I do not own the expensive equipment able to measure differences of my setups; in fact even if I had such money to spend for audio, I would buy some new gear, and not measurement tools :)
  3. gulakpi
    Looking forward to your impression on this DAC!
    My X20U has just arrived.  I found it so much better than my previous XMOS-1794 DAC, which won't take DSD streams.
    The X20U has more details and tighter bass, which is what I'm looking for.  I will report again after it is burned in, in a few weeks!
  4. mocenigo

    Where did you purchase it? 
  5. gyalporinpochi
    Good afternoon , my friends recently bought the device from Gustard x20, I am very happy , sound good . But I have two questions that I care about , I have not worked on and off button on the remote control , tell you , too, right? And another question screen after a few minutes becomes less bright , not whether it should be switched off completely ?
  6. gulakpi
    From Shenzhen Audio
  7. gulakpi
    Sorry! I do not understand your first question!
    Yes!  The Display will dim automatically after a minute or so. There are 5 levels of brightness which you can select, but you are not supposed to switch off the display completely. The brightness level covers a wide range, and Level 1 is in fact, rather dim!
  8. gyalporinpochi
    power button on my remote dont work, your power button works?
  9. SimonBromley

    Hey there Triplefun.
    That's a pretty revealing system you got there. Thanks for the insight.
    Anyay, I've taken the plunge and ordered an X20u from Kidult via Amazon.co.uk.
    Price was £579.00 and includes UK tax and free delivery. Which seems a very 
    reasonable amount for what's being offered. Plus, I had the security of doing 
    this through Amazon and all that entails. If I'd had to negotiate unknown ( to me )
    foreign websites and pay high potential import/customs/admin fees etc ( as I have 
    done in the past ), I don't think I'd have ended up going for it.
    However, it's now on it's way ...
    Will give some feedback in a couple of weeks, once I've got it and let it burn in.

    I checked amazon.co.uk, and do not think your X20U comes from their UK warehouse.  They only say "FREE UK delivery" but do not mention "VAT included".
    Please post when you have received the item.
    GBP 579 is the same as USD 870, which is the list price of stores shipping from China.  Including the UK tax, the amazon.co.uk price cannot be lower than that of China.
    I ordered mine from a store in China and the German import duty must be paid.  This store now offering sale price (USD 60 less), I believe it is definitely cheaper.
    Amazon.co.uk says:
    Estimated delivery 18 - 28 Jan. to the UK - Mainland
  11. SimonBromley
    Hi there
    Just re-checked on Amazon.co.uk, and it clearly states under the heading.
    Kidult_Online Tax Information ( linked to the X20 page )

    'Prices are displayed inclusive of any applicable VAT.'
    So, I presume the item is initially delivered into Kidults UK depot, probably as part
    of one of their regular shipments. Processed, then dispatched to me from there.
    We shall see ... I'll email them to confirm the situation, but I can't see them being 
    able to state that on Amazon if it weren't true. 
  12. SimonBromley
    Just out of interest.
    I took a look at the cost of a few other items I was interested in.
    Re: UK vs Chinese pricing, and the UK seems to fair very reasonably indeed.
    At www.simplyelectronics.net, a well known large UK based electrical supplier.
    The following prices are very good indeed (all include VAT) and free delivery.
    L.K.S Audio MH-DA003 ES9018 USB DAC  £799.95        
    Yulong Sabre DA8 II (Silver) 32Bit/384kHz DSD DAC  £619.95
    Yulong D200 (Silver) 32Bit/384kHz DSD DAC  £309.95
    SMSL M8 (Silver) 24Bit/384KHz DSD DAC XMOS USB Asynchronous Decoder  £128.95
    So perhaps the price on the X20u isn't so far fetched.
    Maybe the UK is the place to buy these items at the moment ?
    I'll post up my experience with Kidult, once I know more.
  13. NTTY
    Hello Stuart,
    I just ordered the X20 and thank you for this thread.
    Looking at the ES9018 datasheet, I see it mentions: "for added flexibility, two digital filter settings are possible: sharp roll-off and a slow roll-off for PCM mode. For DSD mode, there are 4 available filters with cutoffs at 47kHz, 50kHz, 60kHz, and 70kHz".
    So does it mean that the interface shows 4 different settings when the X20 is playing a DSD signal instead of PCM?
    Thank you
  14. JulioCat2
    Yes !!!!
  15. stuartmc
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