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Gustard X20 DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by stuartmc, Sep 8, 2015.
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    I do not see 47kHz in my DAC-X20U.
  2. NTTY
    Thank you :wink:
  3. dmbr
    I'm deciding between the x20 and the Matrix X-Sabre--has anyone tried both?
  4. NTTY
    Interesting. But you see the three others?
    What coul be the explanation between you seeing only 3 and the others seing 4 filters?
  6. NTTY
    Cool, thank you. I saw your post the other day but the link was not working, now it is.
    By the way, I see you tried to translate via Google about the clock mode, and I tried also. Removing the carriage returns from the PDF when copying to Google gives a slightly better translation, but it is still unclear to me:
    Under the multiyear research and development, the DAC-X20 has been given this unique feature for the ES9018S converter chip set at the optimum clock environment, to reach the HI-END level of performance. When you select the AUTO, DAC-X20 will go into adaptive main clock mode, a master clock generated by the high-performance phase-locked loop will be directly supplied to the ES9018, since the master clock signal from the clock is no longer a conventional asynchronous mode , ES9018 digital interpolation filter will no longer produce a weak error, the original digital signal can be accurately reduced to an analog signal. When selecting NORMAL option, the clock mode to normal mode, it is the ES9018 official design.
    * In AUTO mode, the main clock quality DAC-X20 will be more dependent on the quality of the front end of the clock sources is recommended in Front Audio equipment better situation turn this mode.
    I will read more carefully the ES9018 data sheet, the answer might be there.
  7. NTTY
    Ok, found it in the ES9018 datasheet. It is in the register #14 of the ES9018. It can be setup as follows:
    Register #14: DAC3/4/7/8 Source IIR Bandwidth, FIR Rolloff (default = 8’b00001011)
    [2:1] : IIR BANDWIDTH
     - 1’d0 = Normal (for least in-band ripple for PCM data set to Normal)
     - 1’d1 = 50k
     - 1’d2 = 60k
     - 1’d3 = 70k
     - 1’b0 = Slow Rolloff
     - 1’b1 = Fast Rolloff  
    So the X20 gives access to those possibilities to influence the oversampling FIR filter (SLOW and FAST for the PCM data) or the IIR filter when DSD data are being sent to the DAC. This is really cool, because if it is theoretically easy to implement (as described in the ES9018 datasheet), it requires time to develop and of course a specific interface. And the guys of Gustard took the necessary time to create the interface for us to play with. Thanks to them.
    I'm really impatient to play with this DAC.
    So, reading the above, it makes sense that the interface only displays (with DSD data): 50k, 60k and 70k. The normal IIR cutoff of 47k is selected by default when PCM data are sent to the DAC, only.
    Now, I'm back on this clock feature that I still didn't entirely understand.
  8. Triplefun
    Here's how to load the Thesycon XMOS driver on Windows 10 and Foobar 1.3.9 ..
    I installed the driver from http://www.xmos.com/support/usb-audio-driver-support on Windows 10 64bit.
    I did not have process a signature free process.
    I am using the Gustard X20u.
    I installed SACD decoder 0.9.6 and ASIO support 2.1.2 on Foobar 1.3.9.
    When you install the above driver it creates a C:\Thesycon directory
    Go to C:\Thesycon\TUSBAudio_v3.20.0\EvaluationKit\DriverPackages
    And execute VAL_KITS_DEMO_DriverSetup_v3.20.0_dbg.exe to load an experimental Thesycon XMOS  ASIO driver
    Select TUSBAudio ASIO Driver under foo_dsd_asio
    The default Theyscon sample rate is 352800hz 24bits with options to change the USB streaming latency, ASIO buffer size and volume.
    I can successfully upsample all outputs in Foobar to DSD128 for processing by the X20u.
    Presumably the same will be true for the U12 and X12.
    Note this is a demo Thesycon driver and beeps every 5 minutes after 60 minutes.
    I have since gone back to v2.23 XMOS ASIO driver downloaded from http://jlsounds.com/drivers.html
    The v2.26 download now gives me a security error.

  9. DBB1
    I am reporting back on my take on the x20 as promised. So far it has been been playing continuously for about 5 days. I have familiarity with the Ayre QB-9, Audio-Gd NFB-7, NuForce Dac100, the Neko D100, and the Gustard x12. I have the x12 in another system at a different location so I can't compare it directly with the x20. Even though it is not yet fully broken in I would say it beats all of the others easily. I consider especially the Neko a fine natural sounding dac, so this is high praise. The X20 has wonderful reproduction of the lower mid-range and bass, vivid palpability and 3-D quality when the space is captured in the recording. A hi fi cliche, but yes, I heard beautiful details in a familiar recording that I never noticed before.  I have no doubt that it is superior to the x12 and worth the extra $300, but cannot verify that until I visit my main system and do A-B comparisons. I am happy I bought it. Once again, thanks to all who convinced me to take the plunge. I add my thumbs up. 
    Update: after about three more days of running continuously, the sound has ripened more. If the recording has depth it will be revealed as if you were in the hall. I am listening to a nice recording of Dvoraks Dumky Piano Trio. The overtones of the strings can be heard in a way that just gorgeously reveals the artistry of the performance. On the lower notes of the piano you can feel the resonance of the piano's sound board. On the louder and lower cello notes you can feel the body cavity resonance of the instrument.  
  10. mocenigo
    For those that were usure whether customs had to be added to the price: I wrote directly to Kidult and they confirmed that they internally ship to their UK warehouse, and then they ship to all Europe for free. So there are no customs, they are taken care of in advance. Of course, this assumes they are telling the truth, but it would be dangerous for them to write such an email through the amazon system if it were false.
    Also: Simon, did you get it? What I see here (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B015Z3K8VM) for 579 BPP is a "X20" where then they add "Asynchronous USB". Is this indeed the X20U? Edit: of course it is the X20U, they also explicitly write "X20U" later in the item description. D'oh. I should not write when I am too tired.
  11. bobsherman

    Thanks for the great info on the X20 DAC. I think this will be my next purchase :)   I have a couple of questions. Just wanted to be sure, the internal USB does both direct DSD and DoP, not just DoP? The internal USB can do up to 128, I2S can do up to 512.  What external converters will work at the 256 and 512 rate, the breeze maybe ?  Any other suggestions?  I almost went R2R but the x20 has made me rethink my decision. TIA.
  12. mocenigo
    Took the plunge, ordered a X20U (from Kidult - free shipping to Germany as well). Initially it will be in a non-headphone system (that part is still being planned). Will report when it is here and burnt a bit.
  13. Walderstorn
    Does any1 with a Yulong D18 have this? Cause i love my Yulong but wouldnt mind trying this one as well (when i can afford it ofc), but i dont want to sell the D18 cause i love it.
  14. Indianfreak
    HI there,
    Please, Can you or anyone there can help me finding USB Drivers for Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 for the Gustard X20U. Giving me a link will be be appriciated too.
    I searched a lot but didn't find. Secondly, Must I use a Good USB cable or a Good one will be enough.
  15. gulakpi
    The X20U is quite tolerant on the drivers.  I tried a couple versions on Windows 10 Pro (64bit) and they work!
    You can try the following v3,2 first, http://pan.baidu.com/s/1V7oJG
    In case it doesn't work, try the v2.6  http://pan.baidu.com/s/1ntDUtqp
    Hope this helps!
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