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Gustard X20 DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by stuartmc, Sep 8, 2015.
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  1. rafabro
    Hi @Quadman , I've read your description on other forum (WBF) I hope you still remember what you were doing that time :)
    I suspect my problem could be 5V handshake which I don't have. DIO provide 3.3V only. I tried to connect but no reaction.
    Do you think I should just get 5V from digital board?

    BTW hdmi to I2S card doesn't work as well, when connected directly to DIO card.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
  2. Quadman
    I am not familiar with your DIO and a quick search did not provide much information either. 5V handshake is needed, I took mine from the DIYinHK board which basically was the 5V USB voltage. No reason why you shouldn't be able to use the 5V from the digital board of the Gustard to provide the handshake. It is marked in the front L side on that board. Small ga wire from there to pin A4. In my case since I used the DIYinHK board it was VERY important to use A3 as ground for both 5V handshake and 3.3V DSD. I soldered a wire to bottom of A3 for one connection and used dupont pin on top on A3 for the other.
  3. rafabro
    But surprisingly multimeter doesn't show any ground at A3 :) Was it same for you?

    In my case, because it is PCM only I believe instead of 3.3V I need provide ground only. And this seems to work, as once ground connected to "DSD ON" pin it switches to PCM and display shows that change straight away.

    So ground to DSD ON + same ground to A3? And then I try provide 5V from Gustard board (as DIO has only 3.3V and this looks to be not enough for handshake as I tried)

    Thanks for reply!
  4. Quadman
    I believe A3 does not show as ground with multimeter, which yes seems weird. But if I did not connect 5V and 3.3V ground to A3 it would not work. Simon finally got me clear on this as ground is ground and I was using another ground on the PCIe slot to no avail. Since I was interested in DSD only I put 3.3 V on pin B15 and never tried a ground there. Also if I remember my B7 and B9 were not reversed as Simon reported, when I wired it per his recommendation It did not work correctly then I went back to as per schematic B7 and B9 and it worked. I no longer have the X20 so I cannot unfortunately open and check things out. Somewhere here, probably not to far back I described my exact connections to get 512 working.
  5. rafabro
    My Gustard X20 get broken. After that time, survived all the modifications, work 24/7 ...and died because of Gustards original transformer.

    Yes, transformer! Analog side, primary winding lost internal insulation and get short. If had no fuse this unit would get on fire most likely...
    Failed something I couldn't suspect at first.

    I ordered new transformer and hoping no other damage. Doesn't looks like for now.
  6. tintinsnowydog
    My Gustard won't turn on (no screen, no audio). Have no clue who to contact for repair? Any tips on the obvious first things I should check myself that could be user-replaceable (I'm not very experienced with circuits etc but can use a multimeter and solder to replace any parts, just dont know how/what to check for),
  7. rafabro
    Obvious and first is always the fuse. Have you check it?
  8. Sound Eq
    greeting can i ask why when i use tidal and x20 on windows 10, when a track ends and a new one starts i hear a click or interruption , is there something i should do when i listen to tidal using x20, this does not happen with my hugo 2

    i am using tidal master subscription which gives me access to master recordings
  9. rafabro
    Xmos does those click. I had same when use SU-1 witch X20. Then when I switched to U16 + X20 clicks gone
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